What is a Trough Sink?

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A trough sink is a long rectangular sink that is often used in areas that are very frequently used or are often used by more than one person at the same time. For example, a trough sink may be used in a the bathroom of a large restaurant that regularly has a very busy dinner hour. With numerous taps, all spaced comfortably apart, more than one person can use the sink at the same time. To the same end, trough sinks are also often used in the bathrooms in college dormitories which usually get frequent and heavy use.

This same kind of fixture can also be useful in the bathroom of a private home where a large family lives. One of the benefits of having this kind of sink in a private bathroom shared by multiple family members is that each member can have his or her own area around the sink. If there is a drawer below each faucet or a cabinet above each faucet, each person who regularly uses the sink can stake out an area and keep all of his or her toiletries there. This setup is especially useful if the bathroom is sectioned off with the toilet in a private stall and the shower or bathtub in a second private stall with the sink being outside of both stalls.


In addition to being useful in restrooms, a trough sink can also be quite useful in a kitchen, especially if the kitchen is regularly used by multiple people at the same time. With a long width and more than one tap, the sink can easily be used by a number of chefs working on different dishes, or even a number of chefs working on different components of the same dish. A trough sink can be useful in a professional kitchen, industrial kitchen, or even a home kitchen if the home is populated by numerous people who love to cook.

In modern kitchen design, the trough sink has begun to replace sinks with two wells. While sinks with two wells have many useful purposes, many kitchen designers think that these long rectangular sinks can serve the same purposes. The long, interrupted basin of the trough sink also creates a line that is pleasing to the eye. Other sinks, even those with multiple wells, do not have the same aesthetic quality and cannot create the same kinds of lines within kitchens.


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