What is a Trolley Cart?

Harriette Halepis

A trolley cart is a type of wheeled vehicle that has been created in order to transport various items. Trolley carts can come in a number of different forms ranging from kitchen trolleys to utility trolleys. Carts have been a popular way to move items from area to area for centuries. Today, carts have changed very little from their original form.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Since the second millennium B.C., carts have been in existence. During the time of the Roman Empire, carts were used as a form of punishment as well as a way to transport goods. Criminals and conquered rulers were often tied to carts, dragged through Roman streets, and publicly shamed. Before the time of Queen Elizabeth I -- who instilled the use of a permanent whipping post in lieu of a cart -- the handle of a cart was often used as a temporary whipping post.

Today, carts hardly ever serve as torturous items, though they are still abundant. Across the world, the trolley cart is often the cart of choice when it comes to hauling produce to and from markets. Kitchen carts are also quite popular, though these carts are more for show than for transportation needs. Kitchen carts often include butcher blocks, small storage compartments, and other space saving designs.

Many different trolley cart shapes can be purchased, though the basic shape of the trolley cart has not changed in centuries. If you are searching for a cart for your kitchen space, look for one that is made from pre-treated solid wood. These carts are often sturdy and long-lasting, while carts made from press board, small particles of wood that have been glued to another material, may not last more than two years.

In addition to all of the carts mentioned above, designers have created various other types of carts. A coffee table that resembles a trolley cart can be purchased from a number of different manufacturers. Also, carts that serve no other purpose than pure aesthetics are abundant. These vehicles add a great splash of the southwest to any decor, which is why they are so popular.

Whether you want to purchase a trolley cart in order to haul goods or whether you want to purchase a cart to make your favorite space stand out, there are many different styles and options available to consumers today. To find a cart that appeals to your sense of history and design, take a look on the Internet or in a local interior design store.

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