What is a Triple Curtain Rod?

Micki Elizabeth

A triple curtain rod is a piece of hardware that can be helpful when hanging curtains to protect and decorate a home. While single rods have only one arm to support one set of curtains, a triple curtain rod has three sturdy, metal arms. This allows a decorator to hang up to three different sets and styles of curtains together. Most of the time, triple curtain rods can be hung from a standard bracket above the window and may be adjusted in order to fit most window sizes.

Typically larger than the top frame of a window, a valance can cover triple rods, brackets and other curtain hardware.
Typically larger than the top frame of a window, a valance can cover triple rods, brackets and other curtain hardware.

Many people find curtains useful in a number of ways. They can provide privacy to a room by shielding an outsider’s view. They also might be considered economical, as some heavy-duty types of curtains can keep heat out in the summer, or trap heat in during winter months, thus saving on electricity. Curtains can also be a nice decorative touch to bring together the design of a room.

Using a curtain rod is the common way to hang curtains for all of these uses. A curtain rod is typically made of a somewhat sturdy metal that attaches by brackets at both sides of the window. A triple curtain rod can be custom-ordered to fit a specific window, though custom-made products tend to be more expensive. Alternately, a person can measure his window and choose an adjustable model that will accommodate most window sizes.

There are many styles of curtains from which to choose. Many techniques require more than one set of curtains to be hung in order to complete a particular look. In these instances, a triple curtain rod may be the cheapest and easiest way to hang multiple fabrics simultaneously and in a safe manner.

One popular window treatment style that would necessitate a triple curtain rod involves three layers: curtain sheers, curtains, and a valance. Although sheers do not offer much privacy, they can add a detailed touch to the décor. Sheers can be found in countless colors, and some have delicate patterns printed or embroidered as well.

A valance is a fairly short window treatment, rarely more than a foot (about 0.3 meters) long, which spans the length of the window. The valance is meant to provide the outermost layer, resting atop the curtain. Not only can a valance enhance the overall look, it can also hide the triple curtain rod for a seamless appearance.

A triple curtain rod can be used to hang nearly any combination of curtains. There are also some styles of drapery that may require a meticulous hand to hang them correctly, such as festoons and jabots. These, too, can be hung using a triple curtain rod.

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