What Is a Trawler Yacht?

Dan Cavallari

A yacht is a boat that is used for recreational purposes, and a trawler is a boat designed for medium- or large-scale fishing. A trawler yacht, therefore, is a recreational boat modeled after the trawler design. In some cases, an actual fishing trawler may be refurbished for use as a trawler yacht, and while this is a fairly common practice, it is more common for a person to purchase a yacht that is designed and built from scratch in the likeness of a trawler. This allows for more customization and luxury opportunities.

A trawler is a boat designed for medium- or large-scale fishing.
A trawler is a boat designed for medium- or large-scale fishing.

The most prominent feature of a trawler yacht is the displacement hull, which is a design used on trawlers to allow the boat to carry exceptionally heavy loads. This is necessary on the trawler because that vessel is likely to be loaded down with equipment and crew, as well as fish from a catch. These boats are usually designed for longer trips at sea, so a trawler yacht will be an appropriate vessel for recreational boaters who want to go on longer trips across large bodies of water. This type of hull is likely to make the vessel travel at a slower rate, though high fuel efficiency will allow the vessel to travel without the need for frequent refueling.

A raised pilot deck is another prominent feature of the trawler yacht. This is the location at which the ship's captain will operate, and it is raised off the main deck to allow for greater visibility and less susceptibility to coming in contact with water from rough seas. A walkway usually runs around the pilot deck from the foredeck to the rear of the vessel, allowing greater mobility around the boat and more recreational space on the trawler yacht. The boat is usually powered by a single engine, but larger vessels may have two or more engines to power the large boat forward.

The size of the trawler yacht makes it ideal for a spacious interior living space, and the boat can be suitable as a living quarters for up to eight people in some instances. Some boat owners choose to live on the vessel as a permanent dwelling, though most will use the space for extended trips only. Yacht rentals are available for people looking to do short-term trips without purchasing. For those in the market for a yacht purchase, numerous boatbuilders cater specifically to boaters looking for the trawler yacht style.

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