What Is a Travel Organizer?

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A travel organizer is a wallet, purse or carrying case that is designed to hold documents, money and other items that might be needed while traveling. Travelers typically use an organizer as they make their journey to and from their destination, because these are the times when they are most likely to need access to passports, travel tickets and cash. There are several types of travel organizers on the market, including those that can be carried on their own, like a pocketbook, those that can be carried in a purse or pocket and those that can be carried on the body. The travel organizer typically will have separated compartments so that the traveler can easily store necessary documents in an organized fashion and access them quickly when needed.


Many people, including experienced travelers, find travel to be somewhat stressful, particularly the journey to and from one's destination. Air travel, in particular, can be something of an ordeal because travelers might be expected to present numerous documents before boarding an airplane. A travel organizer can provide quick access to needed documents as the traveler passes through various checkpoints on his or her way to an airplane, train or ship. Instead of having to rifle through pockets or purses in order to find the documents, a traveler can open the travel organizer and locate the items that are needed. A traveler might also find the organizer useful when checking into a hotel, because he or she can store booking confirmation details in a travel organizer to facilitate an easy check-in.

In general, a travel organizer will always be large enough to accommodate a person's passport along with cash and other documents. Some travel organizers, also known as travel wallets, are extra long so that they can accommodate tickets and boarding passes as well as passports and large currency. These organizers typically are carried either in a pocket or a purse because they usually don't have handles of their own.

Another option is a travel pouch, which typically is designed to be carried close to the body, under clothes, for extra security. These pouches typically are designed with separate compartments for organizing travel documents. A travel pouch might be attached to a drawstring so that it can be worn around the neck, hung on a belt to be worn on the waist or connected to straps so it can be held around an ankle. With this type of organizer, a traveler can keep his or her passport and cash more secure.


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@watson42- I use something similar. I also have another at home for important documents. There are some types you can find which even have some sort of lock on them, though I don't see the need for one myself.

Post 2

@hyrax53- I don't know that it counts as an actual "travel document organizer" but I have had good luck using a small, but durable, portfolio-style case. It clasps shut, has a thick canvas covering, and even has some smaller pockets on the inside for money or cards. It can also be a good idea to carry a separate wallet for travel money aside from your main wallet.

Post 1

I typically just carry my passport and other documents in my wallet, but I have been thinking about getting a travel organizer for things like maps, hotel confirmations, and other printouts. Since so much can be done for travel planning online now, it's easy to have a lot of printout papers that are too big for my wallet, and can get lost or crumpled in my back pack or suitcase.

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