What is a Travel Kit?

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A travel kit is a collection of items which may be needed during travel which are packaged together for convenience. There are a number of different kinds of travel kits, including things like travel sewing kits which include basic sewing tools for making quick repairs to clothing while traveling, and travel toiletry kits which include items needed for basic hygiene. Many stores sell fully stocked travel kits, along with components of travel kits for people who need to restock or design a custom kit.

A typical travel kit comes in a small box or bag which is designed to fit inside luggage. Some travel kits take the form of hanging bags which zip up so that they can be compacted for travel. When someone has reached a destination, the kit can be unzipped and hung, and the numerous compartments will be exposed. Manufacturers of luggage sometimes make matching travel kits specifically designed to nestle inside their luggage products for maximum space efficiency.


Items inside a travel kit are often small, allowing people to fit in everything they need without taking up a great deal of space. For example, in a toiletry kit, the kit might have small containers of shaving cream, soap, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, makeup remover, and so forth. Travel makeup kits can include compacts with commonly used shades, along with a scaled down collection of lipsticks, eye liners, and other makeup accessories. Several companies make mini containers which people can fill themselves to stock their travel kits.

Often, the best deal on a travel kit is for a prepackaged travel kit which includes an array of items someone might need while traveling. However, it is also possible to assemble a travel kit from scratch. Travel kits can be used to carry things like necessary medications, accouterments for a baby, tools for shaving, travel documents like passports and tickets, and so forth. People traveling for work might also have a travel kit of common work tools which are all packed and ready to go so that they don't have to assemble a kit at the last minute when they receive short notice of a trip.

People who travel frequently may keep a travel kit in a convenient location so that it is always available. Some people may even leave a bag fully packed with everything they need, from changes of clothes to a well-stocked toiletry kit. This can be more convenient than trying to pack everything necessary for every trip.

For disaster preparedness, it is a good idea to keep a travel kit around the house. The kit should include copies of important documents such as bank records, property deeds, and birth certificates, along with current medications and basic supplies such as food and water. Having a kit ready will save time in the event of an evacuation.


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Post 3

I agree that it's a very good idea to keep a travel kit handy in case you need to go somewhere in a hurry. People talk about needing one for a disaster and maybe they think they don't need one because they will never suffer from a disaster.

But, there are big disasters and there are little disasters. If you've got a loved one overseas and they are severely injured or, god forbid, they die, then you may have to leave at very short notice to go and handle the authorities there.

If something like that happens, the last thing you need is to get to a strange town or country and realize that, in the shock of going, you forgot to pack essential items.

This has happened to people in my family before and they make it a point to keep a couple of toiletry travel kits handy, just in case they need them for whatever reason.

Post 2

@indigomoth - Well, there are plenty of name brand travel kits for men and women which include only products from that particular brand. If you tend to use it anyway, it's not going to make any difference if you buy the kit or if you buy the full size products.

I know that salon quality hair products probably don't get sold in travel kits, but I don't think it will permanently ruin anyone's hair to be washed by another brand for a few days.

Post 1

It's really nice to assemble a travel kit from scratch because you can be sure that the right kinds of shampoos and conditioners and soaps and things are being used. I've always found that the ones you buy that are already made up generally include really cheap products.

It might not matter so much with men's travel kits, but if you wash long hair with cheap shampoo it can look terrible afterwards. I'm much happier siphoning out my own shampoo into a little bottle and just using that. It's probably cheaper that way as well.

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