What Is a Travel Junkie?

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Although millions of individuals enjoy traveling, the term travel junkie is usually reserved for those individuals who love travel. These frequent travelers may be described as having an unquenchable interest and devotion to all things travel related. For many, the travel bug leads to visiting multiple countries and continents. Travel junkies have various reasons for their travel passions, and the group consists of individuals from different income levels and social backgrounds. These travel junkies are usually well informed on current travel information, mingle with other frequent vacationers, and usually know how to save money on international travel.

Frequent travel addicts can have a wide range of reasons for their yearning to tour the world. Some travel addicts may be interested in adventure travel fun, such as mountain climbing, backpacking, and jungle hiking. Other travelers, however, may be attracted to long-term travel exploration through volunteering or taking a class abroard. Still another type of travel junkie is the individual fascinated by cultural exploration. This type of travel junkie is often interested in learning a new language, exploring historically significant landmarks, or attending traditional festivals.


All types of individuals may be considered travel junkies, including those individuals who are regularly required to travel as part of their jobs. Professions who often are required to travel extensively include working as a pilot, diplomat, or international teacher. Some travel junkies, however, such as retired seniors, are able to travel on their own time and their own dime. Alternatively, there are also travel junkies who are unable to travel constantly due to physical limitations, financial problems, or other commitments. Instead, these travelers may have to limit themselves to periodic trips when their schedule and finances allow it.

For the well-traveled travel junkie, there is a constant need to devour and explore travel information. In fact, the travel addict will often watch travel shows, collect travel brochures, and subscribe to popular travel magazines and journals. To keep up on travel conditions, interesting destinations, and accommodations, these travel junkies may also read travel reports and travel reviews. Maps and guidebooks of cities or countries that the traveler is interested in visiting are also likely to be purchased and browsed in advance to help plan out a trip itinerary.

To keep safe and prevent delays while traveling, most travel junkies will access country-specific travel warnings and alerts. This data often includes up-to-date information related to entry requirements and local laws and customs. Viewing vaccination suggestions and transportation information will also help the travel junkie remain unharmed while voyaging.

Instead of being solitary, the well-traveled junkie tends to be active in the travel community. Some of these travelers share travel tips, stories, and photos through personal blogs, travelogues, and forums. Many travelers also join online groups to interact with travelers who have similar interests and travel objectives.

Travel addicts are not just frequent travelers; many of them know how to travel on a budget. In addition to visiting some of the most popular travel destinations, the travel junkie also explores areas of the world where the cost of living is cheaper than in his home country so his currency will stretch further. These savvy travelers may use online travel companies in order to compare airfare, hotel costs, and car rentals. Those who are part of the travel junkie lifestyle may also use knowledge of discount accommodation, such as hostels and campsites, to travel cheaply.


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Post 2

When I was growing up, my family traveled on practically every vacation and we traveled on long weekends, so I was raised to be a travel junkie.

When I grew up and entered the work force I naturally found myself in a job where I had to travel often. Believe it or not, I like standing in lines at the airport. I like the cramped quarters of the tourist section. I like spending nights in hotel rooms and ordering room service or going down to eat at the breakfast buffet.

I like everything about travel, and I have yet to visit a place that I couldn't find something about it that I could appreciate.

Post 1

Growing up in a small town, I was more isolated from the world in some ways. Most people around me only thought of the world as what they could see around them in their small community. I was a bit different in that I always wanted to visit other countries and see how people lived in far away places. I would always travel when given the opportunity.

In my small town I was thought of as a travel junkie, and since other people thought of me that way, I eventually thought of myself that way, too. However, once I began to travel and meet real travel junkies, I realized I was an amateur among professionals. I had no idea there were so many people out there who had traveled to so many different places. However, meeting these people made me want to travel even more.

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