What Is a Travel Club?

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A travel club is an organization that plans group tours to various destinations around the world. In many cases a travel club caters to a certain kind of traveler. There are, for example, travel clubs for women, clubs for people who have a limited budget, and those for senior citizens. There are also clubs for singles and clubs for families. Single mothers looking to travel in groups with other single mothers and their children can also sign up with a travel club that caters to their needs.

The types of trips and adventures that are offered by a travel club depend entirely on the interests of the members. While a club for singles might include rock climbing as part of one of their travel adventures, it is much less likely that this activity would be on the travel itinerary for a senior citizen's travel group. There are various kinds of trips that may be offered by a club. Such clubs may offer weekend getaways, international travel, short domestic trips, cruises, and long tours that take club members to various countries.


In some cases, a travel club is an independent organization, but in others, it is just one arm of a large company. Magazines focused on travel and adventure might have their own clubs. Foundations or organizations that seek to preserve nature or save wildlife might also have their own clubs. The sorts of trips that would be planned as part of these clubs would be related to the issues that the foundations and organizations focus on.

There are a number of reasons why people sign up for travel clubs. Some find that it is enjoyable to travel in a group and make friends along the way. This is especially true for people who don't have a travel partner to take along when they go on adventures.

Some people join these clubs for the savings. As most people know, large groups traveling together often get discounts on lodging, transportation, event tickets, and passes to museums and other points of interest. These clubs can broker deals with hotels, airlines, and companies that manage tourist attractions so that their members can get a better rate. This can be quite useful for people who have large families, limited travel budgets, or both.


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Post 3

@Mor - I'd love to find something like that. Most of the vacation travel clubs I've found seem to be catering to demographics that I don't really fit in with. They are either after the very young, the very old or families.

I'd love to have a travel club membership where the people in it were more interested in doing things like visiting historic sites or doing aid work overseas or something like that.

I guess the next best thing is to just do package deals that include a group of people and hope that I get on with some of the people in the group.

Post 2

@clintflint - I've found that travel clubs based around common interest are better, but it can be difficult to find them. It might be worth looking into things like themed cruises or travel deals that cater to particular groups of people.

I know my parents managed to find a bunch of people they really enjoy traveling with after they took a teachers' travel special and met up with fellow teachers doing the same thing. They basically have an informal club now where they just go and travel together and take advantage of quad-share deals.

Post 1

It's especially nice when you manage to find a travel club that has members that you can relate to and whose company you enjoy.

I used to belong to a singles travel club that seemed to be all about drinking and hooking up and it got boring in the end. I mean, I'm not judging people for wanting to do that, but I don't see the point in shelling out lots of money to do it on the other side of the world. Just do it in your own country and save the money!

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