What is a Train Transport?

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Train transport is the act of carrying people, goods or vehicles on a railroad train. Unlike trucking where a semi truck hauls items in a trailer on a surface road, the train transport takes place on a set of iron rails. The practice of transporting items by rail has long been in competition with truck transportation. In many cases, the goods can be delivered by train at a cost savings over that of a truck delivery.

Many of the world's largest cities incorporate train transport of people from home to the work place as well as tourists on vacation. The act of traveling by train eliminates a great deal of city automobile traffic and parking problems. The trains travel on set schedules, which ensure riders reach their destination on time. In many cases, train transport is more cost effective than paying for fuel and parking for an automobile.

Weather is typically not a factor in most instances of train transport. Trains are able to operate during most weather conditions without incident. In addition to traveling for necessity, many people have been enjoying the leisure of traveling by train across country for pleasure. There are special train trips available that allow riders to experience wilderness and uninhabited countrysides and locations not currently accessible by automobile.


Large companies, such as automobile manufacturers, have utilized train transport of newly built products for decades. The convenience of having a rail car on site to be loaded as the vehicles leave the assembly line is a valuable service. The trains can operate at all hours of the day and night and allow goods to be delivered in the most expedient manner. The rail cars are also equipped to handle a much bigger load than that of a truck.

Mining companies are frequent users of train transport due, in part, to the train's ability to enter and exit the mining area without becoming stuck. The train is also able to haul much heavier loads than would be allowed on the highways if transported by truck. The ability to transport large amounts of coal and other commodities in the most time sensitive way possible makes train transport the way to go.

The war of transportation between truck and train has been waged and fought all over the world. Trains have been limited to go only where the tracks are laid. However, getting goods and people from one area to another is most often less expensive and more time effective by train than by truck. Train transport is the leader when it comes to heavy hauling, time expedience and even romance for many people.


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