What is a Touchdown Space?

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Touchdown spaces are simple workspaces that may be employed as a substitute for a larger office. They can be a rented workspace within a working office or a cubicle that is located in a business set up especially to provide a place to work to individuals. Rental agreements can be established on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

These spaces often include a few basics needed for doing business. One may have a telephone and some type of Internet access, and a desk, chair, and overhead lighting may also be provided. Above and beyond the basics, the individual leasing the space will supply any other items needed, such as printers, pencils, notepads, and other tools common to an office environment.

The concept is helpful in several situations. One ideal candidate for a touchdown space is someone who is starting his or her own business and wants a space outside the home for work-related tasks. Since finances may be limited, leasing even a small office is not practical, but renting a cubicle is often much less expensive and may include some of the amenities that come along with rented office space.


Another common usage of a touchdown space is with business people who are in town for a short period of time. Rather than working in the hotel room, the visiting business professional will rent a desk for the duration of the stay in town. Doing so allows the person to maintain a distinction between work time and personal time.

While not every city currently offers single cubicles as a substitute for larger offices, the idea is gaining more attention. When attempting to locate one within a given city, individuals may want to check with the local municipal authorities. One of the best sources for locating a rental space is identifying any business incubator resources found within the municipality. If such a program exists, there is a good chance that a few cubicles will be available for short-term lease.


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Post 3

My wife's office keeps one cubicle empty just in case they have a visiting journalist or an intern. It has a computer and a phone, but not much else. I don't know if the company would be willing to rent it out as a touchdown space for outsiders, however. I think it would be a good source of revenue if they rented out unused cubicle space, but the work environment of a newsroom is usually loud and frenetic. Renters wouldn't get a moment's peace on an average day.

Post 2

I think a touchdown space is exactly what I need right now to work on my freelance writing career. I've try writing at home, but there are way too many distraction. I looked at renting a small office space, but in this town the asking price was just way too much. I just need a desk in a comfortable work environment, not a reception area and access to a warehouse.

Now I'm off to find a business that knows what touchdown space means. There's a business incubator across town that might be able to help me find something affordable that isn't too noisy.

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