What is a Touch Screen Kiosk?

A. Leverkuhn

A touch screen kiosk is any kind of stand-alone structure that includes a touch screen interface. This is generally a computer monitor sized screen, with touch screen functionality. Touch screen kiosks are developed for many different retail or consumer uses.

Many ATMs today are touch screen kiosks.
Many ATMs today are touch screen kiosks.

Some public installations now include a touch screen kiosk for helping visitors get information, for example, in a park or train station. Retail touch screen kiosk models are often seen in high traffic shopping areas, where a mall kiosk may help provide data on a product or store. Music stores may include an interactive kiosk with touch screen technology where users can browse the sounds from new albums that are for sale.

Touch screen kiosks at a shopping mall might provide information about retail stores.
Touch screen kiosks at a shopping mall might provide information about retail stores.

A touch screen kiosk design starts with programming. Skilled developers need to use specific languages, platforms, and interface tools to create an intuitive experience for the user. Programmers should always think about what the touch screen will look like to the people who will use it, and whether it will be easy for them to navigate.

Touch screen computer kiosks also rely on good hardware. A high speed processor will ensure that the responses to use are quick and accurate. Hard glass or other material will provide a smooth, clean touch screen surface.

Another big element in creating any touch screen kiosk is the design of its outer structure. Graphic designers and industrial designers look at how to provide a great look for a "stand up kiosk" that houses a touch screen system. Designers will consider color and style choices, as well as labeling, which some call "superficial" or decorative aspects of kiosk design. Other kiosk design work focuses on security, durability, what it will look like from a distance, and how it will be physically tied into a space. Designers may also look at adding seating or other features to a touch screen kiosk structure.

Touch screen technology can be a great way to bring information to the public. Many different kinds of companies are looking at how to offer touch screen kiosks to get more consumers engaged in browsing, selecting, or ordering their products. These kiosks might include catalogs, online services such as temporary internet access, or items to help consumers choose the best products for their needs. In other kinds of use, they can streamline shopping or any other consumer experience, and decrease wait times for services.

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