What Is a Tortilla Warmer?

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There are several types of tortilla warmers. Some are designed to warm up tortillas, while others are made to keep tortillas warm after they have been heated. Since tortillas are typically round, many types of warmers are also circular in shape. Warmers for tortillas are manufactured from a variety of materials, feature many different colors and designs, and are sold for a range of prices.

Some tortilla warmers are designed specifically for heating tortillas and are not made to keep them warm afterward. This type of warmer often resembles an ordinary frying pan or griddle, and many are made to be used on a stove top. Tortilla warmers designed for initial heating are manufactured in many sizes. Restaurants, especially those specializing in Mexican cuisine, may have a dedicated tortilla warming grill, featuring a large, flat surface on which many tortillas can be warmed at once.

A tortilla warmer made for heating and storage may be available in various sizes and for a range of costs. Some tortilla warmers may be large enough to accommodate any size of tortilla, while others may be meant for tortillas of small diameter. The cost of tortilla warmers varies, but they are generally affordable. Restaurants may wish to purchase the items in bulk.


Warmers for tortillas that have been forged from certain materials can be placed in an oven for heating purposes. One of the most popular is a ceramic tortilla warmer, but similar items are also made from porcelain, stone, and glass. When removed from an oven, the materials remain warm and easily can keep the tortillas warm until serving.

Other types of tortilla warmers are made from plastic. The major advantage of a plastic warmer is a relatively low price. Plastic tortilla warmers usually are microwave-safe, permitting users to heat tortillas and keep them warm using the same item.

Another type of tortilla warmer is a cloth tortilla warmer or a fabric tortilla warmer. One of the benefits when using a cloth warmer is easy cleanup, as people can toss them in their washing machines with their kitchen towels. Cloth warmers are usually safe to use in a microwave as well.

Although patterns and colors may vary, warmers meant to heat tortillas and retain heat usually consist of two parts, a container to hold the tortillas and a lid. Some people like to use tortilla warmers to store other circular foods, such as pancakes, because the warmers generally are round. Many warmers have one color, while others may have many colors and intricate designs or patterns. Bright colors and patterns are preferable to some people, while others prefer plain white or a solid color that matches their kitchen d├ęcor.


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