What is a Toothpaste Pump?

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A toothpaste pump is a kind of container that is used to dispense toothpaste. Unlike most tubes of toothpaste that must be squeezed to dispense the toothpaste inside, a toothpaste pump has a button or small lever that, when depressed, allows the toothpaste to come out through a short nozzle. Some people find that it is easier to use a toothpaste pump than a normal toothpaste tube to dispense toothpaste onto their toothbrushes. In almost all cases, a toothpaste pump is a large, family-size product. Travel-sized toothpaste containers are almost always small tubes, not pumps.

There are some kinds of toothpaste pumps that release two or more kinds of toothpaste or tooth gel at the same time. This allows for the use of two products at once, both of which are dispensed through their own nozzle. In these cases, the inside of the pump has as many interior canisters as there are products. For example, a toothpaste pump that dispenses both a gel and a paste would include two interior canisters. Pumps that dispense multiple products at once usually just dispense two, and in some cases three.


Many companies that sell toothpaste sell their products in both tubes and pumps. Although tubes are more common than pumps, toothpaste pumps can be found at most drug stores and pharmacies that have a good variety of oral hygiene products. There are a few toothpaste brands that are only sold in pump packages. With the exception of some specialty toothpastes that are more expensive because of their ingredients or the dental issues that they treat, most toothpastes sold in pumps cost about the same amount of money as toothpastes sold in tubes. It is important to remember that, whether the product is sold in a tube or in a pump, it is best to use the kind of toothpaste that is recommended by one's dentist, especially if one needs to use a toothpaste to help manage certain dental issues.

Much like a tube of toothpaste, a toothpaste pump is a disposable item. Also much like tubes of toothpaste, toothpaste pumps are usually made out of plastic. Once all of the toothpaste inside has been pumped out and used, the toothpaste pump can be thrown away. In some cases, a toothpaste pump is made in such a way that it can be recycled. In these cases, it is good to recycle the pumps whenever possible.


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