What is a Tool Pallet?

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A tool pallet is a set or collection of tools that forms a definitive, functional selection for a specific trade or application. For instance, an instrument technician tool pallet will contain a selection of tools relevant to that specific industry niche. Most tool pallets are presented in a purpose-designed case or bag, featuring individual place holders for each tool, arranging the tools in a logical, easy-to-access order. These tool sets may range in size and complexity from simple canvas, zipper-equipped pocket sets to large, multi-tier specialist kits containing dozens of tools. Tool pallets may be purchased ready-made as standard selections or may be custom populated with tools according to the buyers specific needs.

Most trades and many industrial applications, machines or instruments require a fairly predictable selection of tools. Although items falling outside of these selections are occasionally required, the core of any related work will be covered by the contents of the specific tool pallet. These tool kits are typically kept in a specially designed container that presents the tools in a way that makes for easy access and ready identification of missing items. There are a vast number of different tool kits available, ranging in size and tool content from small, zip-up wallet-style cases to substantial, multi-tier cases containing entire field service selections.


One of the most common tool pallet ranges are those meant for electronics technicians and electrical maintenance staff. These kits typically consist of a selection of screwdrivers, pliers, side cutters, a limited number of hex and Allen head wrenches, a small hammer and a cable knife. More complex sets will include items such as a multimeter, soldering iron, wire stripper and crimping tool. These cases will usually have several open pockets or pouches in which the technician can carry his own additions to the kit.

Due to the bulky nature of mechanical tools, these types of pallets tend to be a lot larger and are typically in a wheeled case or cabinet. Depending on the mechanical discipline involved, these sets would generally include wrench and socket sets; hammers; file sets; and precision items, such as verniers, feeler and dial gauges. Specialist trades, such as aircraft technicians, have tool pallets that contain tool selections particular to that trade. Specific types of machinery or installations also feature specific tool pallets for the technical staff who maintain and repair them. Most tool pallet ranges are available as off-the-shelf selections or may be custom made on request, depending on the particular needs of the consumer.


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