What is a Tool Extractor?

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A tool extractor is a device that is desired to remove various types of pins, screws, dowel pins, bolts and studs that cannot be easily removed using other means. Extractors of this type vary in size and shape, making it possible to purchase extracting equipment that is ideal for a specific purpose. The use of a tool extractor is common when a screw or bolt head has been damaged or stripped in some manner. Depending on the exact nature of the tool that requires removal or extraction, the extractor may be a simple handheld device or a piece of equipment that is somewhat more complicated.

One of the most common examples of a tool extractor is known as a screw extractor. This device often resembles a pencil, with one end tapering to a point. In situations where the screw head is stripped or has broken off, the sharp point can be lightly tapped into the remaining body of the screw, then slowly turned to loosen and dislodge the damaged component. This makes it possible to remove the useless screw and replace it with an undamaged unit in a very short period of time.


A pin extractor tool can perform the same basic functions on such devices as dowel pins or cotter pins. Once again, the design of the tool itself will vary, depending on the intended application. For cotter pins, the tool extractor may have a slight bend at the tapered end, making it possible to gain a hold on the inside area of the damaged pin and slow extract it. For the removal of dowel pins, the extractor may function somewhat like the screw extractor, as the tapered end is tapped into the body of the dowel, making it possible to slowly extract the pin.

Each type of tool extractor comes in a range of sizes that can accommodate the varying dimensions of the items that require removal by means of extraction. It is possible to purchase bearing extractor tool sets that can aid in removing damaged bearings of different sizes from a variety of different types of machinery. In like manner, construction professionals often have access to bolt extractor tool sets that come in handy when removing bolts with relative ease. The cost for different types of extractors will vary, based on the intended purpose for the device, and the quality of the particular name brand of the extractors.


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