What Is a Tofu Scrambler?

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A tofu scrambler is a scrambled eggs replacement dish that is a popular addition to vegan diets. The typical vegan does not consume any meat or other animal products, so he or she needs to substitute certain foods that have adequate daily amounts of some key nutrients. Tofu breakfast foods can be good sources of protein that provide energy for the rest of the day. Depending on the method of preparation, scrambled tofu can have a similar appearance and texture to scrambled eggs; the dish can also be made with a variety of spices, vegetables, and other ingredients that can give a tofu scrambler a unique flavor.

In addition to protein, tofu based foods often have good amounts of the calcium and iron that are commonly found in meats and milk products. Tofu typically comes in two different types: regular and silken. Regular tofu comes in varying consistencies that range from soft to firm. Many vegan cooks recommend regular tofu with a softer consistency for a tofu scrambler because it can be mashed more easily into the needed texture. Most agree that silken tofu does not work well in a tofu scrambler because it usually disintegrates too much and too quickly when heated.


When regular tofu is prepared for cooking, it can either be kept in cut cubes or crumbled into smaller bits. While some vegan cooks prefer to use tofu cubes, others claim that it needs to be mashed into a scrambled texture in order to retain enough flavor from the other ingredients. Before placing regular tofu in a hot skillet, it is important to remove some of the liquid that helps preserve the tofu in its packaging.

Some long-term vegans consider a tofu scrambler to be a staple dish for its versatility. Many recipes for scrambled tofu can include seasonings such as black pepper, cumin, thyme, and garlic. Some vegan cooks who prefer more spice also add crushed red peppers or chili powder. Others who like southwestern flavors in their tofu scramblers might also add salsa and cilantro.

Vegetables are a favorite additional ingredient for scrambled tofu. Vegan home cooks recommend using vegetables that do not add more liquid to the tofu scrambler, such as fresh tomatoes. Zucchini and mushrooms can work well as long as their liquid is first cooked away separately before adding them to the scrambled tofu. Other vegetables commonly found in this dish are leeks, chopped celery, yellow corn, and broccoli.


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