What is a Tofu Pie?

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Tofu pie is made out of tofu, which is bean curd made from curdled soy milk, and it can take many forms depending on the ingredients added. Tofu is a bland, spongy substance often used as a substitute for meat or dairy products, and its insipid nature makes it ideal for an array of recipes. Tofu pie can be a delectable sweet treat or a savory meal.

A few examples of tofu being used as a main dish are tofu pot pies, mushroom tofu pies, and zucchini tofu pies. All of these incorporate a variety of vegetables, seasonings, tofu and sometimes gravy to create a main course. The cooking instructions and cooking times are extremely similar to other dinner pies, such as turkey or chicken pot pies. The primary difference is the use of tofu as a meat substitute.

There are many dessert tofu pie recipes that call for tofu and the sweet additive of one's choice. The variety of desserts is identical to those that call for dairy, including key lime tofu pies, chocolate tofu pies, pumpkin tofu pies and more. The use of graham cracker crust is common in the sweet pies as opposed to the wholewheat flour crust of the dinner pies. The versatility of tofu makes it easy to design personalized pies through experimenting with ingredients.


Tofu has a long history that dates to the first century A.D. in China, but its recorded appearance in Western society is noted in the early 1600s. Tofu is considered a valuable nutritional substance that is high in protein and calcium. The calcium content is high because of the use of calcium sulfate during the coagulation process of making tofu. There are also a variety of vitamins in tofu, including vitamins A, B-12 and C.

There also is a connection between tofu and dieting because it is low in calories, which often makes the tofu pie less fattening than richer pies that call for an abundance of dairy products. There also are numerous no-cook tofu pie recipes that are easy and quick to make.

Tofu can be purchased at the grocery store and can often be found either in the dairy isle or the produce section. It has become increasingly popular in some countries, with assorted vegan restaurants and health food stores that sell tofu pies and other tofu-based products. The nutritional value of tofu has made it attractive to consumers other than simply vegans. The low-calorie and high protein factors make it highly appealing to many people.


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