What Is a Title Block?

Lakshmi Sandhana

The title block is an important element found in professional architectural drawings that contains data about the drawing, such as the title, its number, and the name of the architect. It may also have a company logo, copyright information, and data on the date it was completed. Basically, a title box is a rectangle that contains all the information needed to identify, verify, interpret, and archive any architectural schematic. A typical title block is subdivided into numerous areas that contain different types of information, and it is usually found on the bottom or lower right-hand corner of any drawing.

A title block contains data about the drawing, such as the title, its number, and the name of the architect.
A title block contains data about the drawing, such as the title, its number, and the name of the architect.

One section in the block is used to note down the drawing title and the drawing number; these are important for filing and verification purposes. The drawing number is unique to a particular schematic and is usually a code containing critical data about the drawing. The information may include data on the type of drawing, revision details, and details about the site. It may also have the sheet number, which is important in understanding whether a drawing is spread out over numerous sheets or is a stand-alone drawing. The schematics are mostly filed according to the unique drawing number because the title may be shared by numerous architectural prints.

Signatures and copyright data are also contained within the title block, and this allows the person studying the schematic to know who drew it up and who verified it. Details on when that particular system or component was designed is also found here, which can be quite useful in sourcing more data on particular aspects of the design or overall operation. Knowing who gave the schematic the final approval and the name of the legal owner of the drawing can be important for resolving issues. For instance, these names may help in resolving inconsistencies between the schematic and other sources of data.

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Another element normally found within a title block contains reference information and is known as the reference block. This block contains details about other schematics that are related to the present component or system. It is quite helpful in tracking down additional details and also lists other schematics that are cross-referenced in the drawing being considered and is dependent on the conventions of the vendor or site. Other details that may be found in the title block vary depending upon the site and vendor — it may be possible to find data regarding the scale of the drawing and contract information.

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