What is a Timeshare Presentation?

Felicia Dye

Timeshares can be viewed as prepaid vacation options. Acquiring a timeshare usually involves investing a significant amount of money. Businesses that offer these options often use a timeshare presentation to help convince potential clients to make such investments.

Acquiring a timeshare usually involves investing a significant amount of money.
Acquiring a timeshare usually involves investing a significant amount of money.

A timeshare presentation is a sales strategy. Many people are turned off by the idea of sales presentations. As this is the case, timeshare presentations are often masked as another type of event. It is often only once people begin hearing the spiel that they realize what they have gotten into.

Timeshares are sometimes associated with resorts.
Timeshares are sometimes associated with resorts.

Those hosting a timeshare presentation have several ways to convince people to attend. In many cases, they put boxes in public places that offer people the chance to sign up to win a free vacation for two or other prizes. The forms often ask survey style questions, such as those regarding marital status and income.

When a person fills out the form, she is actually providing the timeshare presentation hosts with information they will use to determine whether she is a good potential candidate. If she is, then the form will also have her contact details, which they will usually use to invite her to an event where she may claim her prize or have the opportunity to do so.

In most cases, it is stressed that a couple should attend the event together. Since acquiring a timeshare involves a sizable amount of money, most timeshare salespeople realize their chances will be reduced if they must rely on one partner to make the decision alone. The timeshare presentation is usually a group event. There will usually be numerous other potential clients present.

The timeshare presentation may be held at a conference or meeting facility. It may also be held at a resort. When guests arrive, they are often given tickets or informed that the winners of prizes will be announced later in the evening. This encourages people to stay the duration of the timeshare presentation.

Guests are usually offered refreshments. When the timeshare presentation is held at a resort in the timeshare company’s portfolio, the guests are often encouraged to familiarize themselves with the property. When it is at an unaffiliated facility, people may be given brochures and there may be various types of appealing visual materials exhibited.

The informative part of the presentation often involves a speaker and videos or slides. People are introduced to the concept of timeshares and enlightened to the benefits of becoming timeshare owners. After this is done, there are usually numerous sales agents that attempt to interact on a personal basis with those in attendance.

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I actually own a company that schedules timeshare presentations. I've attended many myself and if it's not for you, you need to be able to say no. However, sometimes they really do make sense for some people. Either way, it is true that you can save hundreds of dollars just for attending!

I say, if you want to save some real money, spend 90 - 120 minutes listening to what they have to tell you!

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