What Is a Therapeutic Massager?

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A therapeutic massager is a device, typically battery powered or operated by household current, that is used to perform massage therapy. Many types of therapeutic massagers exist, including hand-held models or full-size back massage units. Some massage devices are designed primarily for the feet, while others are meant for the neck, shoulders, and back. A shiatsu therapeutic massager uses a type of Japanese pressure to ease sore, aching muscles and bring relief from pain.

Patients seeking treatment for chronic pain, due to arthritis, bursitis, or tendinitis often use massage therapy. Massage therapy may also be beneficial for those with torn ligaments and muscle sprains. Some individuals enjoy massage as a means of relaxation. When performed by a massage therapist or at home, this technique may be done by manual manipulation or by the use of a device known as a therapeutic massager.

Not all types of therapeutic massagers are powered by electrical current or batteries. Some are hand held and used manually. Many are constructed of wood and contain rolling ball joints, which are designed to stimulate pressure points. This technique is meant to increase circulation, thus helping to ease pain and inflammation. The manual wood ball massagers are not only meant to be used on the feet. Some are created to be used on the shoulders and back, where tension and strain often develop from over exertion.


A wand therapeutic massager is also used for therapeutic healing and relaxation. Often sold in ordinary department stores, the hand held wand massager can be used for relief from aching muscles due to stress or strains. This type of unit typically offers three settings, such as low, medium, and high, for various intensities of massage.

Many hand-held massage units come with attachments. The attachment heads provide customizable options for various parts of the body. Some include attachments to stimulate the scalp, while others have attachments for the soles of the feet.

A therapeutic massager may also use infrared light to increase circulation and ease pain. This invigorating method is a natural way to restore functioning of muscles by using soothing heat. Similarly, a heat lamp massager uses intense heat to promote better circulation throughout the affected area.

In most cases, a hand-held therapeutic massager will feature an ergonomically designed handle. An ergonomic design may be made with soft grip rubber handles to reduce the risk of hand strain. This design promotes comfortable positioning as well. A full body therapeutic massager allows the person to use the massage pad on a chair for precise ergonomic positioning.


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Post 4

Of course, these basic devices for home massage are never going to be as good and effective as a real massage at a massage salon. But not everyone can afford a trip to the salon all the time. Sometimes, a more practical solution is needed.

The foot soak massagers are actually not too bad. I use it several times a week. It's like a mini jacuzzi for feet. The water flow massages feet and the hot soak is very nice for tired feet. It's a must have for people who stand and walk a lot.

Post 3

@serenesurface-- I've not tried a scalp massager before but I have tried other types of hand-held massagers. There is practically one made for anything you can imagine and most seem to be made in Asia.

I tried a therapeutic massager for my legs because I have sore legs often. But it was disappointing. It didn't really do anything other than roll back and forth on my leg. It didn't apply enough pressure to actually massage. It was a waste of money. I had another one for my back at one point. That was good when I had an itchy back, I could scratch my back with it. But not so good for massage.

Post 2

I discovered scalp massagers recently and I love them. A friend bought one for me as a gift. I am hooked on it now. I use it every day. It's relaxing but it also helps me think. So I guess it really does improve circulation. I actually keep it near my desk at home (I have a home office) and use the massager whenever I need to think. It's wonderful.

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