What is a Testosterone Cycle?

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A testosterone cycle is the period of time for which anabolic steroids must be taken in order to begin achieving results from the supplemental testosterone. References to the testosterone cycle are normally associated with bodybuilding and refer to the effects that the supplements have on building muscle mass, increasing physical strength, and enhancing endurance. The cycle also addresses how long a given dose of supplements are likely to continue generating the desired effects before another dose is required to maintain or continue the development of the desired physical attributes.

Creating a balanced testosterone cycle involves choosing the right supplement to achieve the desired end. One popular option is testosterone propionate. This particular preparation is formulated to allow quick absorption into the system, helping to increase testosterone levels rapidly. It is also sometimes claimed that the use of testosterone proprionate is less likely to cause water retention and some of the other side effects that may occur with any type of testosterone supplementation.


The object of the testosterone cycle is to get an idea of how much supplementation must be taken in order to begin building body mass and endurance, as well as determining when the effects of the dosage will peak and begin to diminish. By identifying the cycle, it is possible to adjust the dosage in order to achieve the best results within a given time frame, and also to determine when the next dose should be taken in order to enhance or maintain the results. Properly evaluating the cycle may also help to minimize undesirable side effects while still obtaining the desired benefits.

One of the liabilities of testosterone supplements used for anything other than raising low testosterone levels into a normal range is the opportunity for abuse and long term permanent damage. Steroid use among professional athletes has been a major news item since the 1990’s, with many professional sports clubs banning the use of steroids altogether. Still, many amateur bodybuilders explore the possibilities of using supplements based on a specific testosterone cycle, hoping to hit the balance between garnering benefits without any serious side effects.

Today, many bodybuilders recommend limiting the use of supplements to a range of somewhere between five hundred to a thousand milligrams over the course of a week. Breaking the dosages down into three to five doses spread over the week is said to still create a testosterone cycle that will begin to produce noticeable results within eight to ten weeks, while also minimizing the side effects that may occur. The incremental doses help to manage testosterone recovery more effectively and also help to minimize problems when the bodybuilder decides to slowly wean off the use of the supplements altogether.


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