What is a Telemarketing Dialer?

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Telemarketing dialers are devices that make it possible to simultaneously dial a very large amount of telephone numbers. The use of a telemarketing dialer makes it possible for a single telemarketer or operator to manage a large number of contacts at one time. In some instances, the telemarketing dialer is configured to transfer calls that are answered at the point of termination to a live operator, while others are set to deliver a pre-recorded message once a connection has been established.

In general, a telemarketing dialer functions by being integrated into the telephone system of a call center. By engaging the available outbound trunks or lines associated with the call center system, the dialer automatically dials a predetermined listing of telephone numbers. Any numbers that are busy or do not connect for some reason remain in the dialing queue for one or more repeat attempts. Most examples of the telemarketing dialer allow the end user to program the dialing project to specify the number of attempts before abandoning dialing activity on a given telephone number.


As with fax broadcasting systems, a telemarketing dialer is capable of generating activity reports. The reports reflect the total amount of phone numbers dialed in a given time period, the number of completed connections established along with the duration of those connections, and the number of calls abandoned due to receiving busy signals or other complications. These reports can help telemarketing firms update existing call lists and eliminate numbers that appear to no longer be working or where there is little to no chance of establishing a connection.

One of the weaknesses of the telemarketing dialer is that most software packages of this type cannot differentiate between a recorded voice mail message and the voice of a human being answering the line. This means that in many cases the connection is only made with an answering machine, something the telemarketer will not realize until the dialer transfers the connected call and the telemarketer attempts to engage the recipient of the call in active conversation.

The use of these types of dialing software and hardware combinations is common for many different types of telemarketing campaigns. Businesses may use a telemarketing dialer to deliver canned audio messages about upcoming sales or new service offers to existing customers. Charities and other non-profit organizations may use a telemarketing dialer to maximize the efficiency of making a large number of calls in an attempt to solicit donations. Political campaigns may use a telemarketing dialer to reach voters and acquaint them with one or more positions held by the candidate. Because the software is generally viewed as generating enough activity to justify the cost of the dialer, the use of this type of telemarketing equipment is becoming increasingly popular.


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