What is a Team Coordinator?

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A team coordinator is someone with strong leadership skills who makes sure the plans and goals set forth by a business team are moving in the right direction. He or she is responsible for setting up meetings to discuss issues and keeping up communications. Maintaining a close working relationship between all members is one of his or her most important tasks.

The duties of a team coordinator are generally broad, but there are some specific expectations. He or she must not only understand the written plan, but make sure it is clear to all members. If he or she finds inaccuracies after proofreading it, he or she must contact the administrators and work to correct the issue. A team coordinator must encourage creativity and participation from all members in order to garner different ideas. Outside conferences, it is his or her duty to monitor the progression of other team members and assist them if they are having trouble with a task.

A good team coordinator is also a capable events coordinator. He or she must schedule conferences and outline the proceedings. Being direct, organized, and accessible are vital qualities when setting a tone and creating a good working environment. Since he or she is in charge of the performance levels, being constructive but respectful towards all members is necessary for team unity. He or she needs to set achievable goals, analyze each member’s capabilities, and keep everyone on the same page.


Another job a team coordinator is often asked to fulfill is that of an information coordinator. He or she needs to compile a database of necessary information and create an e-mail group where all members are kept adequately informed. Keeping news and contacts up to date, and seeking new ways of making the database more accessible, is one of his or her prime jobs. As a leader, he or she needs to be first in line to help a member who is having technical difficulties and make sure the required assistance is allocated.

Dealing with personal issues also falls under a team coordinator’s responsibilities. People management and keeping emotions in check in and out of meetings is important to reduce stress and tension amongst the team. If some things are not working out, he or she is asked by the administrators to suggest the necessary changes of personnel. A successful team coordinator, however, stands as an example for all other members and motivates them in achieving both their individual and team goals.


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Post 4

My friend’s team coordinator played a key part in getting her the help she needed. I couldn’t even help her, but this lady had a maternal nature and a persuasive way.

She had been struggling with an eating disorder for about six months. She began looking sickly and weak. She had told me that it was getting hard to even sit up and hold a pencil at her desk.

The team coordinator called her into her office and told her she was there if my friend wanted to talk. Something about this lady made my friend open up to her. She started crying and told her all about the disorder and how she wanted to get better but didn’t know how.

The team coordinator helped her get into a facility and told her that she would hold her job until she was all better. Her generosity spread to the team, who welcomed her back with open arms.

Post 3

We have a team leader who is the most organized individual I have ever met. She maintains a very up-to-date client database, and she sends out frequent emails to the team. In meetings, she always has typed copies of her notes prepared, which she passes out to each of us.

I have never seen her make a typo in these notes or an error on the database. I really don’t know how she functions so perfectly, but she is ideal for this position.

You might think that someone so neat would be uptight and cold, but she is very open and warm. She is always there if we need to talk, and she offers encouragement instead of harsh criticism.

Post 2

@Perdido - You are lucky. My team coordinator is more of a drill sergeant than a motivator. The team operates more out of fear than inspiration.

He frequently threatens us with consequences if we don’t reach our goal. If we ever have problems that prevent us from being able to get something done on time, he tells us to work it out and get it done anyway.

Because we know that all it would take is a suggestion from him to get any of us fired, we try to do what he says. A team leader with the wrong personality can make a very unpleasant work environment.

Post 1

My office has a really talented team coordinator. She just has a way with people. Her charisma makes everyone want to work to achieve the common goal.

If any of us ever have personal issues, we can talk to her about them and it will never go further than her office. It’s great to know that you can vent without consequences sometimes!

She is highly creative, and her inventive nature spurs us onward to imagine new possibilities. She inspires all of us.

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