What is a Talent Scout?

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A talent scout is someone who identifies people with unique or valuable talents and works to recruit them. Scouts work in a number of different industries, ranging from sports to the tech sector. Their work includes consultations with people in the industry, travel to identify new talent, and a wide variety of activities that are intended to identify, cultivate, and recruit talented people.

People can approach a career as a talent scout from a number of perspectives. Some scouts have experience in the industry they are recruiting for, and turn to looking for new talent as their careers mature. Other people start out in fields like human resources, eventually focusing on recruiting of talent in addition to handling of personnel. The type of scouting one does is often influenced by experience; one who works in sports, for example, may be an ex-athlete or ex-manager.

Talent scouts can seek out athletes, musicians, actors, models, and highly talented businesspeople. Their work includes keeping an eye on up and comers in the field, visiting sites to identify new people of interest who may not be on the scout's radar, and helping scouted talent get established. A scout may be generally on the lookout for talent, or may seek out a specific individual. For example, a modeling agency may ask a scout to find someone with a particular look and feel for a job.


Working in this job requires a sharp eye. A scout needs to be able to recognize talent that may be buried and figure out how to bring that talent out in someone so that she or he can have a career. Even with the assistance of a scout and other support staff, someone who is newly recruited may not succeed. There are many barriers to making it in industries such as acting, and it can require a rare confluence of circumstances for someone to overcome these barriers and start a career.

Some scouts work independently, while others work for agencies. It is not uncommon for a talent scout to belong to a professional organization, and people who are approached by someone who claims to be a scout should ask about credentialing and professional memberships. Unfortunately, many scammers take advantage of the common desire to be “spotted” by a scout to take advantage of people. If someone who says that she or he is a scout demands money, signing of restrictive contracts, and other things, it may be a scam.


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Post 6

@greenweaver: Parents should get a lawyer and let him handle it 100 percent (speaking from experience as an ex-child-star and an attorney).

Post 5

I'm starting a company and would like to have more info on the game and how it is played.

Post 3

@SurfNTurf -I think that if you get into show business you have to be a competitive person because there is always someone better around the corner so you have to have confidence in yourself.

There is a lot of rejection in this field, but those are character building experiences that make us grow and become better. The problem that I see with a talent search is that some people are prepared for success and some are not.

Some people feel that success and fame will last forever and those are the people that get the most negatively affected in this business. This is why you still need to go to college and get an education despite being discovered because no one knows how long your career will last which is why you need something else to fall back on.

Post 2

@GreenWeaver -I agree but I think with modeling it might be the other girls that are auditioning for a photo shoot that might make the job more intimidating.

If you are selected by a model talent scout, you still have to compete for various photo shoots and I think that looking at your competition is intimidating because many of these models have been modeling for years and appear so polished that I would not know what to do if a model scout selected me. I think that the competition is harder to deal with than stage parents.

Post 1

I think that having a talent scout job must be so fun. You get to discover new talent and these people are so happy and flattered that it must be a great job all the way around. I think that it would be fun to be a model scout because the idea of having the next biggest supermodel is so exciting.

I think that the only difficult area would be dealing with stage parents. You know the parents that want to run the child’s career and are really demanding. I would imagine that they get in the way of the child’s success. I guess you have to know how to include the parents but not let them ruin career of the child.

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