What Is a T-Shirt Fundraiser?

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A T-shirt fundraiser is an event that helps a non-profit group or other entity raise money for a specific cause. The event focuses on the sale of T-shirts, usually with the group's logo or other information printed on them, though the design and content of the T-shirt can vary significantly. The T-shirt fundraiser can be held in a variety of ways: volunteers can staff a table or other station at which several T-shirts will be available for purchase, or volunteers may approach potential donors ahead of time to place an order for a T-shirt.

The organizers of a T-shirt fundraiser will need to organize carefully before the event begins. First and foremost, a design for the T-shirt will need to be agreed upon, and the design must be drawn up in whatever format the T-shirt printer requires. The organizers of the T-shirt fundraiser will also need to do research into various printing companies who can create the shirts for a reasonable price. Some companies will give discounts to non-profit groups holding a fundraiser, and others will give discounts for bulk orders, thereby making the price per shirt much more manageable. Lower cost T-shirts will yield more of a profit, but it is important to choose high-quality shirts that people will want to buy.


Bookkeeping is an essential part of any T-shirt fundraiser. Accurate records of sales will need to be kept, and all money taken in should be tracked, deposited, stored, or otherwise divvied up appropriately to cover the cost of the fundraiser event. Any profits from the event should be used for the agreed-upon purpose, which should be decided before the event takes place. If donations given to the cause are tax deductible, it is important to give each donor the appropriate paperwork for tax-deduction purposes.

Of course, a T-shirt fundraiser does not necessarily need to benefit a non-profit group only. Clubs and organizations may run fundraisers with or without a non-profit status, and sports teams, usually for children, may run a fundraiser to raise money for uniforms, dues, or other costs. For-profit businesses or other entities may choose to raise funds for a business by selling T-shirts and other promotional items to fund start-up costs or other costs associated with running a business. This is a great way to raise funds and spread the word about a new business, as T-shirt graphics are effective advertising tools.


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