What is a Sushi Kit?

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A sushi kit is a package which contains all of the basic elements needed to make sushi, typically excluding the food. Many markets sell sushi kits, for people who are interested in learning to make their own sushi, and they can be a cost effective way to collect the various tools needed to make sushi successfully. Many sushi kits also come with small collections of recipes and with brief illustrated guides to making various styles of sushi, allowing complete beginners to create their own sushi at home.

A typical sushi kit includes a mat, a paddle, and a guidebook. It may also include some non-perishable food items needed to make sushi, like powdered wasabi, sheets of nori, rice vinegar, soy sauce, pickled ginger, and sushi rice. In some instances, sushi kits also include small bowls which are designed to hold condiments, along with platters for serving sushi. Obviously, the bigger a sushi kit is, the more expensive it will be, but sometimes the bundled cost of the contents is cheaper than purchasing each object individually.


Obviously, a few additional tools are needed to make sushi, like fillings such as vegetables and fish. A sharp knife is also required, along with a cutting board and a pot to cook rice in. The sushi kit establishes a base from which to work, however, and the included booklet can include all sorts of useful tips, like wrapping your sushi mat in plastic to roll the sushi so that the mat does not become stained, attracting mold and mildew.

When selecting a sushi kit, you should think about what you already have in the cupboards at home, and you may want to make some price comparisons. If you only really need a mat, for example, you should simply purchase a sushi mat separately, or purchase a mat bundled with some nori, as this is a common option. If you know that you don't have things like soy sauce, wasabi, and rice vinegar, a full sushi kit is a good option, although you may want to check the prices on these individual items to ensure that you are still getting a good deal.

Some people like to give sushi kits as gifts, especially to people who are just beginning to explore Asian cuisine, or to people who are moving into new homes. A sushi kit can be a creative and much appreciated gift for someone who has been considering making his or her own sushi, especially if you add a gift certificate to a good produce or fish market.


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Yes, sushi is a staple diet food. All it is is rice, seaweed, some vegies and fish. Or just rice and fish.

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can i eat sushi as a diet food?

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