What is a Support Pillow?

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A support pillow is a term that is used to describe many different types of items. Pillows can be any size or shape. Regardless of size or shape, a support pillow is an item that is used to provide additional reinforcement for a part or section of the body.

In some cases, a large support pillow can support a person’s entire body. Support pillows are commonly used to assist with the pain of sore muscles or after an injury. In fact, some doctors and medical professionals often suggest patients use pillows after an accident. A support pillow can provide relief for pain, pressure and discomfort.

Providing support for injured parts of the body is not the only function for support pillows. In fact, many healthy people use support pillows every day for other uses. Some are designed to provide a soft and comfortable foundation for the lower back. These pillows are commonly used in vehicles and at desks. Lower back pillows provide support for the inward curve of the spine and the lower back.

The back is not the only area of the body that has its own special support type pillow. For the tailbone, there is a donut pillow. The neck has neck support pillows, and for travelers, there are travel pillows. A travel support pillow is similar to a neck pillow, and is used to increase a traveler’s comfort level whether one a plane, boat, train or automobile.


A support pillow is not only made for adult use. In fact, there are support pillows that are made especially for infants and children. Infant support pillows are also referred to as nursing pillows. These support pillows help the baby to sit up, but they can also be used to prop a young infant up for breastfeeding. An infant support pillow wraps around the baby, and it has adjustable supports.

Regardless of your need, there is a support pillow available to assist you. Support pillows provide assistance with pain and injuries, and support in countless amounts of situations that can arise every day. A great support pillow is suited especially for a person’s needs, and some pillows are even custom-made. In order to meet multiple needs, a person may have many support pillows that assist him in living a comfortable life from day to day.


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