What is a Supper Club?

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A supper club is a restaurant and a club combined, usually rather high end and typically only open for service in the evening. Based on the model of old-time jazz clubs and speakeasies, a supper club offers more than just the evening meal. Most supper clubs also provide cocktails, entertainment and ambiance. The old-fashioned models were designed in a way that allowed dining tables to be pushed along the wall so couples could dance after supper. A newer version of the supper club may simply provide a separate dance floor, but nearly all provide plush, comfortable settings, dim lights and a cozy, romantic atmosphere.

While a supper club may be casual, most are a bit formal, catering to dinner guests and making an event out of the evening meal. With drinks before dinner, followed by several courses, from appetizers to dessert and coffee, the dining experience lasts throughout a large portion of the evening. The meal may be followed by entertainment from comedy to music and dancing. In this way, a supper club provides one place to enjoy the entire evening.


A supper club usually has a nice selection of tasty appetizers to start things off, such as shrimp cocktail, oysters, and other rich delicacies that should be savored. Because of the richness of such foods, most people prefer to wait a while before moving on to the next course. Servers in a supper club are often professionally trained, not just in serving food, but in knowing how it is prepared and which wines will complement the guest's choices.

Couples usually linger over the meal, taking their time and enjoying each other's company, as well as the ambiance. It is not unheard of for the meal alone to last more than two hours. This is especially true in a fine dining atmosphere. People don't want to be rushed in a supper club. They may enjoy a few drinks and some good conversation before even ordering their food.

A supper club usually offers wonderful after-dinner drinks as well. From a Brandy Alexander to a fine cognac, there is something for every taste. After indulging in delicious foods and beverages for the first few hours, patrons can choose to stay and enjoy the entertainment.


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