What is a Super Fruit?

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The definition of a super fruit is somewhat arbitrary and has never been set. In most cases, it refers to fruits that have exceptional nutritional quality and taste. In some cases, many fruits may fit under this label. However, being labeled a super fruit also has to do with a marketing strategy. In fact, the marketing strategy could be more important than the actual fruit qualities in obtaining this label.

A super fruit may be labeled such because the fruit is relatively unknown in certain places of the world. This may be a good way of getting the fruit accepted in some areas where it has little following otherwise. Labeling a fruit in this way may tell the consumer something about the taste, or the health benefits, or both.

Common types of super fruits are pomelos, gojis, guarana, and acai. The first two of these fruits come from China. The others are native to South America. Therefore, they may have a hard time creating a following in Western countries or those in the Northern Hemisphere. As people become more familiar with a particular fruit, they may be willing to accept others as well.

Some have argued that some already popular fruits, such as strawberries and grapes, could also be classified as super fruits. Again, while the taste and nutritional benefits of these fruits may rival those previously mentioned, they have been thought of as traditional fruits. As such, those fruits do not fit into the super fruit model.


Such fruits are full of vitamins and antioxidants. While most fruits can make the same claim, a super fruit is thought to have a higher concentration of these beneficial things. We all know vitamins such as A, B, and C have different health benefits. Antioxidants have similar benefits. Some promote healthy skin. Others have benefits for the hair. Some are thought to help eliminate free radicals in the body and thus help prevent premature aging.

It should be noted the term super fruit is sometimes referred to as one word, superfruit. Essentially, both terms mean the same thing, though some may include different fruits in the category. Those marketing these fruits may be marketing the fruit in its original form, or may be marketing something else, such as a juice, supplement or dry form of the fruit.


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Post 5

Sorry, never heard of it, but have you ever tried acai berry? It's also a super fruit with very high antioxidants.

Post 3

@snowywinter: Noni kind of fell off the market for a while, mainly because the price was so high. It is now widely available and can be bought as a juice or liquid concentrate. It is also sold in capsule and tablet form.

Noni is known to be rich in protein, fiber, iron, vitamin c, zinc, and calcium.

Post 2

@snowywinter: Noni, also known as morinda citrifolia or Mengkudu, is a flowering shrub that is native to the Pacific Islands, Asia, Australia, and Australia. It gets to be about 10 feet tall and the leaves are oval shaped and a dark green color.

The head of the flower grows to a mature yellow fruit with a strong odor.

Some considered it a miracle fruit!

Post 1

I can remember hearing of a fruit called noni. I think it was considered a super fruit. Has anyone else ever heard of it?

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