What is a Suction Lifter?

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A suction lifter is a piece of equipment used primarily for handling glass, though it can also be used to transport items such as refrigerators or a large pieces of acrylic. Glass is a dangerous material to handle, and if a piece is lifted incorrectly, a person can become seriously injured. A suction lifter makes it possible to move a piece of glass from place to place without the risk of injury.

This tool is made up of a suction cup and a hand-operated vacuum pump, which is mounted on a mild steel adjustable frame. The suction cup attaches to the glass in order to safely transport it. Generally, the suction lifter is placed somewhere near the middle of the glass. A small button then releases all of the air within the suction cups, creating a vacuum suction that allows the glass to become firmly attached to the lifter. The glass can then be easily carried using the handle on the lifter.

A suction lifter offers a great deal of versatility when moving items. It is quick to use, requiring very little work to operate. Within seconds, the vacuum is transmitted to the pad, and the hold it creates is instantaneous. The vacuum in the pad can then be returned to atmospheric pressure in a matter of seconds, and the release is also immediate.


This tool is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. In addition, the vacuum level is permanently controlled. As long as a vacuum exists in the pad, the suction cups will not release. Furthermore, the suction lifter leaves no marks on products.

The suction lifter can also save employers money. Using one allows a single person to complete the same job normally completed by two. The tool also makes it easier for workers to lift items and reduces the likelihood of items being accidentally dropped and damaged.

There are many different sizes and shapes of suction lifter available. A smaller one may be used to move windows and smaller pieces of glass. A larger one that includes three pads may be used for big jobs, such as moving pane windows and equipment. An industrial-sized version is often used in warehouses and port yards to assist with offloading ships or moving products.


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