What Is a Subwoofer Stand?

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Subwoofers provide bass audio, which are low frequency sound waves that make up about half of musical audio. These can be enhanced by the use of a subwoofer stand, a piece of furniture that is used to raise a subwoofer off of the ground and to improve the audio quality. While such stands are not absolutely essential for a home theater or audio listening room, the performance increase provided by them can be significant. A subwoofer stand can help eliminate or reduce issues that arise from having the speaker on the floor, including sound transfer to rooms below the subwoofer. These stands can be quite expensive, however, and the added height they provide may not be aesthetically ideal in all rooms.

The use of a subwoofer stand can provide several audio benefits for any setting in which this type of speaker is used to provide deep bass tones in a sound system. One of the biggest advantages from using such a system is the way in which raising the subwoofer off of the ground improves the sound of the speaker. This “decouples” the speaker from the floor of a room, which means that vibrations created by the speaker are less likely to enter the floor. By raising the speaker up off of the floor with a subwoofer stand, sound produced by the speaker does not typically have as many harmonic resonance issues as a speaker on the floor can have.


One other major benefit of a subwoofer stand may not necessarily be heard by listeners of all sound systems. The speaker's position can have a direct impact on the way in which someone hears the sound from that speaker. Raising this type of speaker off of the floor with a subwoofer stand allows someone to hear the “mid-bass” coming from the raised position that is more likely to be the vertical middle of a room, rather than from the floor.

While a subwoofer stand can provide a number of benefits for a sound system, it may not always be an accessible piece of audio equipment. These stands can be quite expensive, since they often do not merely serve to raise the speaker up but also improve upon its performance and sound quality. An inexpensive stand can be used, but it may not provide the same level of acoustic adjustment and improvement as expensive models. Depending on the size of a subwoofer stand, it may also be somewhat unsightly in many rooms.


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