What is a Strawberry Daiquiri?

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The strawberry daiquiri is not the original daiquiri cocktail, but many now associate strawberries with daiquiris because this drink is extremely popular. The original daiquiri, which was invented at the end of the 19th or beginning of the 20th century, was a very simple combination of white rum, a small amount of sugar, and lime juice. This was shaken with ice and poured into a cocktail glass. Today’s strawberry version, which has unclear origins, does include rum and lime juice, along with either fresh or frozen strawberries and a variety of other ingredients. Most daiquiris are blended with ice to produce frozen cocktails that almost conceal their alcoholic content.

The basic recipe for a strawberry daiquiri can vary. One recipe combines strawberries, lime juice, powdered sugar, rum, ice, and triple sec. All ingredients are blended and the drink can be poured into a variety of different glasses. Sometimes they’re served in margarita glasses, though they shouldn’t be confused with strawberry margaritas.

In some recipes for these daiquiris, people use strawberry schnapps instead of triple sec, but it’s really a matter of preference, with schnapps producing a slightly sweeter drink. Lime juice is important in either recipe because it does help balance sweet strawberry flavors. It’s also important to use strawberries that are ripe, since unripe ones don’t add as much flavor.


Some people strain the drink prior to pouring it in cocktail glass to remove the many tiny seeds. The glass is often garnished with a sliced strawberry, although fresh berries of any kind, pineapples, or cherries can also be used. Bartenders can get creative with garnishes that will complement the intense strawberry flavor.

Not all strawberry daiquiris are blended. Some combine strawberry juice or juice concentrate, while others use a mix, and there are plenty of them to choose from. Others prefer to blend up strawberries for a more authentic taste.

Due to the sweet flavor and low alcohol taste, it is easy to consume too much of this drink too quickly. Though this cocktail is undoubtedly fun to serve and popular, hosts should make sure that people are pacing themselves. Hosts should always serve food and plenty of water and other non-alcoholic drinks so that people can have other choices available once they’ve reached their daiquiri limit. It's also possible to make "virgin" versions of this cocktail, which are a delight to many.


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Post 3

Is there any way to make an easy strawberry daiquiri? I like them a lot but it is always such a production to get out the blender, get out the mix, get out the ice and try to put it all together. Most of the time it feels like more trouble than it was worth

Post 2

There is a Mexican restaurant close to my house that serves amazing strawberry mango daiquiris. I get one every time we go.

In the past I was not a huge fan of big frozen mixed drinks but this one made me into a convert. The flavor is like the most delicious juice I have ever had. Plus, they are strong. Drink one and you are in a great mood.

Post 1

I do not drink but I do enjoy a virgin strawberry daiquiri. They are delicious and you do not look conspicuous drinking one in a bar. For all anyone else knows it has booze in it so you do not have the badge of the the non drinker the whole night long.

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