What is a Strawberry Corer?

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A strawberry corer is a kitchen tool designed to easily remove the stem, leaves, and core of a strawberry to be used in recipes. A strawberry corer may also be referred to or commonly exchanged with a tomato corer. A tomato or strawberry corer consists of a handle with a small, serrated scoop at the end.

Many recipes, especially those for a strawberry sauce topping, call for whole, cored strawberries. Though a strawberry corer is a handy tool for coring strawberries and tomatoes, you can also use a strawberry corer for other kitchen jobs. A strawberry corer can serve as a multi-purpose tool when making dishes that contain several different kinds of fruit. For example, a strawberry corer not only cores strawberries for fruit salad, but can also be used as a melon scoop for the same recipe.

When shopping for a strawberry corer, there is not much to consider beyond the practical scope of things. Most strawberry corers are made of stainless steel, but some are plastic. Stainless steel lasts longer, but it’s a matter of personal choice. You might want to make sure the handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold if you plan to core a large amount of strawberries or tomatoes with regular frequency. As with any kitchen tool, one-piece designs are better than tools with separate handles that can break apart from the tool after time.


Always pay attention to the cleaning specifications of all your kitchen tools. Not all kitchen tools are dishwasher safe. Also, be sure to clean the scoop of your strawberry corer thoroughly to remove all residue from along the serrated edge in order to avoid spreading bacteria to other foods. Most corers, including strawberry corers, cost less than 10 US Dollars (USD). Corers are also available for apples, zucchinis and pears.


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There is actually a strawberry corer that removes the bitter pithy core of the strawberry, not just the leaves.

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