What is a Sterile Syringe?

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A syringe refers to a special medical needle device that is used for injecting medicine. This device penetrates the skin with a needle before the medicine is released from a cylinder area. A sterile syringe refers to a needle that has been protected from bacteria through formal cleaning processes called sterilization. These needles are typically wrapped in special sealed plastic after sterilization to ensure minimal bacteria infiltration.

Syringes come in many shapes and sizes. They are purchased based on the volume of medicine that is required to be injected. Each syringe includes a needle, injection plunger control, and medicine cylinder tube area. The sterile syringe typically includes special markings on the outer cylinder area that are used to determine the volume of liquid available for injection.

A user of illicit drugs often fails to use a sterile syringe when he injects narcotics. This individual is known for reusing or sharing needles with other drug addicts. It has been determined by medical professionals that using an old needle can cause the transfer of blood-related diseases. This sharing technique has been linked to the spread of AIDS and hepatitis within the drug user community.


Diabetes is a serious disease that affects the sugar levels of many people. Low sugar levels can lead to fatigue and death if not monitored properly. A diabetic requires periodic injections of insulin to balance his sugar levels. This injection is typically performed with a sterile syringe. A diabetic keeps his syringes handy throughout the day for emergency purposes.

Many children are afraid of the doctor because of the many shots required throughout childhood. These early vaccinations are required to prevent diseases including small pox and polio. A sterile syringe is used during the vaccination procedure. This reduces the chance of infection by ensuring the needle is sterile.

Most children cannot take large pills because of the inherent risk of choking. A needleless syringe is a pumped cylinder device that is used for injecting liquid medicine in a patient’s mouth. This type of syringe is most often used for children under the age of seven.

There are many other types of syringes available. These include nasal, ear, and rectal syringes. Most of these syringes contain a large plunger device that can be filled with water or liquid and injected into the open area. This type of syringe is unique because it typically does not include measurement lines on the plunger container.


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