What is a Steak House?

A steak house is a restaurant that prides itself on serving an excellent selection of meat. Steak houses primarily serve good cuts of prime beef, prepared to perfection by a steak chef. Steak restaurants are common across the globe, wherever beef is served.

Each steak house has a signature cut of beef or a cooking method to attract steak lovers. Some of the most popular cuts in the United States would be the New York strip, porterhouse, sirloin, and tenderloin or filet mignon. The chef can use several types of grilling methods, such as charcoal, to enhance the savory flavors of the steak. Another cooking method is to stir-fry or pan-sear the steak to retain the juices.

Some of the best beef in the world is served in steak houses. Many fine establishments will only serve steaks made from Black Angus beef. Steak house chefs and diners know that the Angus label means a juicy and delicious piece of meat every time. In the US, steaks must pass a rigorous set of criteria to be named certified Angus beef, including a fair to moderate amount of fat marbling texture to ensure a tender consistency.


The Japanese have perfected the definition of a good steak by serving a renowned type of beef known as Kobe or Wagyu. Like Angus, Kobe beef is strictly defined by a strident set of criteria, but on a much more rigorous scale. Cows and bulls used to make Kobe beef must be born and raised in the Hyogo Prefecture region of Japan, and they must be virgins, a practice intended to keep the steak meat pure. While alive, the animals live the high life, drinking sake and beer, and being hand-massaged daily. It is no wonder that Kobe beef is the most expensive steak on the planet.

Another great place to get good meat is a Brazilian steak house. The steaks are roasted over coals to sear in the flavor, and then hot slices of meat are served in a style called Rodizio. Brazilian steak houses also serve roasted meats on skewers, lightly seasoned with curry, lime, mango or other exotic flavorings.

Some of the finest steak houses are known as surf and turf restaurants because they serve seafood along with the beef. Many people enjoy eating a lobster tail or a side of shrimp along with a good cut of meat. A steak restaurant can also serve pork chops, roasted chicken, pastas, and a variety of complimentary side dishes. The signature menu offerings are a source of pride for every steak restaurant, making the steak house a universally popular dining choice.


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What a treat it is an occasional visit to a steak house. The dinner will probably cost you a good chunk of change, but it is worth it for a well prepared, good cut of beef.

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