What is a Standard Ironing Board?

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A standard ironing board is a device that is used when ironing clothing. The general construction of a standard ironing board is a wood or metal mesh table or working area mounted on top of a set of folding legs. Whether it be of wooden or metal construction, the typical standard ironing board is covered with a padded and heat-resistant cover. The folding legs on a standard ironing board are able to be locked at different heights, allowing for various-sized operators to work at a comfortable level.

Wooden-style standard ironing board construction give an old-time feel to the task of ironing. This style of ironing board is typically used for laundry rooms that incorporate a wall-mounted ironing board. The wooden boards give a sturdy feel to many users and also tend to give some aesthetic appeal to the home. Made of wood that has been sanded smooth and profiled to give soft edges, this type of board is often used without a padded cover.


The more modern metal frame and metal mesh construction version of the ironing board is much lighter than a wooden version. This allows the metal board to be more easily moved from room to room. This style of ironing board is best-suited to be stored in a closet until needed. The mesh surface of the metal ironing board allows steam to pass easily through without creating a moist spot on the board's surface. The metal board typically always uses a padded cover to prevent the mesh pattern from showing itself on the ironed garment.

Unlike a typical steam ironing board that is rectangle-shaped, the standard ironing board has a slow point formed at one end of the board. This narrowed end allows the user to fit sleeves and pant legs over the point to gain extra access into the garment. It is never wise to leave an ironing board unattended. The design of the ironing board perched high atop narrow legs makes it prone to easy tipping. A slight tug of an iron's electrical cord or any effort of a small child to attempt to see the top of the table can lead to tipping and serious burning and injury.

Proper care of the ironing board pad can lead to years of faithful service. Individuals should follow the pad manufacturer's instructions for care and use. The ironing board is not intended to hold a great deal of weight and should not be used as a television stand or auxiliary table.


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