What is a Spray Lotion?

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A spray lotion is a type of lotion that is sold in a spray bottle, rather than the more traditional bottle with hand pump or a squeeze bottle. Spray lotion is typically made for the body; it is rare to see lotion in a spray form intended to be used on the face. There are some benefits to using a lotion in a spray bottle as opposed to regular lotion, but there are generally some compromises to be made as well.

In general, spray lotion is much lighter than most other types of body lotion. It will moisturize the skin, but it is not usually possible to get rich, emollient body lotion into a spray form. For this reason, this type of lotion is often a better choice for the summer months, when skin needs moisturization, but is not especially dry. Some types of spray lotion come out of the bottle like a mist, while others are designed to appear more like a mousse for the hair.


There are two very common types of spray lotion. These are spray lotion containing sunscreen, as well as lotion that contains a cooling ingredient such as aloe or menthol. Spray sunscreen is very popular for kids, because parents can easily see where they have already applied sunscreen, or where more lotion needs to be sprayed. Some spray sunscreens even spray on a different color, then dry to clear; this helps to ensure that all of the exposed skin is protected from the sun. Spray sunscreen generally offers just as much protection as regular sunscreen, just check the SPF rating on the label to be sure.

Cooling lotion may be sprayed on after a day in the sun, if a sunburn accidentally occurred. In addition, it can be nice for warm days in the summer; one can apply moisturizer to the skin and cool off at the same time. Keep in mind that the best time to apply any moisturizer is after a bath or shower when the skin is still slightly damp. The moisturizer can then soak into the skin better, and help the skin to retain its moisture from the water.

Spray lotion might also come in fragranced versions to match certain perfumes. This can be a great way to refresh a faded fragrance during the day, without needing to apply additional perfume. This type of lotion often comes in a set when purchasing a designer perfume or other designer fragrances.


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Post 3

I think I was in middle school when spray lotion first came out and I remember it being very popular among my friends. We used to carry one in our bag and keep applying it throughout the day as it was the best new invention the world had seen.

I don't think it lasted very long though, I definitely don't see too many brands still carrying spray lotions and I don't know too many people who use them, sun lotions being the exception. Spray bottles are very popular for tanning lotions and sun protection lotions because of its easy use. But I don't see the fruity smelling spray lotions that we had ten years ago. I think body mousse has taken its place.

Post 2

I like spray lotions too but I think that I'm not getting enough for my money. Practically all of the spray lotions I've bought come in small bottles and run out very quickly even though they are more expensive than body lotions in regular bottles.

And just like the article said, it is very light and my skin seems to dry out more quickly. I feel that thicker lotions keep the skin moisturized for longer. So I really feel like my money has been wasted with spray lotions.

It might be good for children's lotions because kids hate to stand still and it would make it easier to apply lotion on them. But there is no way that I can keep investing in spray body lotions for myself regularly.

Post 1

I ordered a bottle of what I thought was a body mist from a cosmetics catalog but it turned out to be spray lotion. I had used after-sun cooling mists in spray form before but never lotion but I was so pleasantly surprised. I think it's the best thing ever and I regret not finding about this sooner.

The reason that it is so great is because of the convenience and efficiency. It cuts down moisturizing time to half or less because it is super fast. You just spray and rub and it's done!

I really needed a product like this because I live close to the beach and go to swimming daily. But I'm too lazy to

keep putting lotion on especially when it takes so long to get it out of the bottle and applied to the whole body. It's such a pain!

I agree that it is more watery than most lotions but that's not a problem for me because I moisturize my skin everyday anyway. Plus it smells heavenly good, in that sense it works as a body mist as well.

I even tried putting in another lotion in that spray lotion bottle when it ran out. It didn't work too well because the lotion wasn't thin enough to spray properly. I'm going to have to get another bottle of that spray lotion quick!

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