What is a Spoonula?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A spoonula is a kitchen tool which hybrizes the spoon and the spatula in one implement, intended as a convenience item for busy cooks. As far as kitchen utensils go, a spoonula might not be vitally necessary, but it is fun to say and it is also very useful to have one around. Many kitchen supply stores carry spoonulas of varying sizes, and it is also possible to order one through a specialized catalog.


As the name suggests, the spoonula combines the features of a spatula with those of a spoon. A spatula is a highly flexible kitchen tool which can be manipulated to scrape out the corners of pans, pots and bowls, while a spoon is a scooping and serving implement. A spoonula looks like a spatula with a very deep bowl. It is classified among the kitchen scrapers, since it serves the same function as a spatula, although a spoonula can be used for much more than an ordinary spatula.

In most cases, the business end of a spoonula is made from a heat resistant material, such as silicone, attached to a long handle which keeps the hands of the cook away from the heat. A spoonula can be used as a cooking spoon on the stove top to stir things as they cook, with the broad spoon ensuring wide coverage and the flexible body scraping into all the corners of the pan, ensuring that nothing burns. The heat resistance means it can also be left leaning on a stove or oven without ill affects.

In general, the handle of a spoonula is very thick and strong, so that it can stand up to stirring heavy batters, stews, and similar foods. A spoonula is ideal for things like hand mixing bread dough and working with other stiff doughs and batters. A heat and cold resistant spoonula can also be used in many areas of the kitchen without fear that it will shatter, break, or melt.

When selecting a spoonula, a cook may find value in a silicone spoonula. Silicone is heat and cold resistant, and it will not hold stains and odors, meaning that it can be used for tomato sauce one day and orange cupcakes the next without any ill affects. The handle should be thick and sturdy, and the buyer may want to try bending the silicone. If white streaks appear, a cheap filler has been used, and a different spoonula should be sought.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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I received a spoonula set as a gift at a Christmas party. Until then I had no idea they made a combination spoon and spatula, but think it is a wonderful idea.

There are so many times when you need to use both of these tools, and having one handy tool to get the job done is perfect. The silicone material is light, easy to use and clean up is a breeze. Plus, I love the fun, bright colors!


A perfect gift for a new bride is a set of spoonulas. You can find these in sets and they have so many fun colors to choose from. If you include a mixing bowl and one of your favorite recipes, this makes a perfect gift.

You also might want to purchase a set for yourself. I love using spoonulas and find they are the first thing I reach for whenever I am mixing something in a bowl. I probably use them more for mixing up batches of cookies than anything else.


I use a spoonula all the time! It was a gift from my mother in law. She said that it comes in really handy and she was right.

I use it for so many things, even foods that it might not have been meant to be used for. I definitely use it when I'm making cake batter, pudding, cookie dough and frosting. But I also use it when I'm making soup, pasta sauce and stew.

I used to use a wooden spatula before because when I'm making soup or sauce for example, I cook the onion and garlic first and you can't do that with a spoon. But after adding water, it's impossible to taste it or pour it over pasta with a spatula. With the spoonula I can do both!

And I completely agree with the article that a silicone spatulas and spoonulas are much better than wood for odors. Especially onion and spice odors soak into the wood. It's really annoying and unappetizing.


I actually ended up buying a spoonula for my kitchen just because I liked the name, and it seemed like the perfect hybrid. I already have a ton of spatulas in my house, but found that while they are great at scraping a pan clean, they just don't work for scooping things out very well.

I hate when I am moving cake batter from one location to another and it globs out. With a spoonula I am much better able to guide the cake mix to where it needs to be.

Another handy thing about spoonulas is that if you have kids, they make a great sand shovel once you're done with it.


We actually keep a spoonula in our kitchen, but it is mostly used for getting those last bits of mashed potatoes out of a pot and it doubles as a serving spoon to save on dishes.

What I like most about spoonulas is that they are really versatile. Ours has a deep enough spoon that it can be easily used to serve soup, and it is strong enough to be used to dig ice cream out of those really deep gallon pails they sell.

As far as kitchen utensils go, I would have to say that a spoonula is probably one of the most useful. Even better than a spork.


Very nice description of a spoonula.


I never knew that.

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