What is a Soulmate?

Diana Bocco

The word "soulmate" brings to mind mystical images of New Age gurus. If you have read books by American author Richard Bach, you may have an idea of what a soulmate is. According to Bach, and many others before him, a soulmate is a twin soul, somebody who has an affinity in love and friendship that goes beyond superficial compatibility. In fact, a soulmate does not necessarily shares the same taste in music and clothing or even agrees with your lifestyle, but he or she has something that complements you and makes you feel complete.

The philospher Plato wrote about people seeking their other halves, which the gods had taken from them.
The philospher Plato wrote about people seeking their other halves, which the gods had taken from them.

The concept of a soulmate is nothing new. In his "Symposium," Plato refers to a soulmate by using the analogy of humans who originally had four legs and arms, until the Greek God Zeus split them in half and scatter them around the world. Since then, people have always been looking for their other half, in an attempt to become a full person again.

A soulmate is a person who makes one feel complete.
A soulmate is a person who makes one feel complete.

The New Age concept of a soulmate is somewhat similar to Plato's idea, except that the theory goes a step further, implying that a soulmate has probably shared your life before. The concept of reincarnation is closely related to the explanation of why a soulmate feels "familiar" to you from the first time you see him or her, even though you have never met the person before.

The expression "my better half" has a deep meaning in the soulmate theory. Your better half is not only the person who shares your life, but also the person who makes you complete. A soulmate, on that basis, can be somebody who has the characteristics that you lack. Once you are together, you complement each other perfectly.

The concept of a soulmate has been explored widely in films. A recent example is the movie Serendipity, where Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack keep "almost" meeting throughout the whole film, because they are so closely connected to each other that their lives cross in mysterious ways. By the end of the film. the characters finally realize that they are soulmates, and make a final decision that brings them together.

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I would like to become a soulmate member since I have been inspired more by the lifestyle of these soulmates.


I met this beautiful woman at church, and I stopped looking at that time. Out of all of the women at that time, she caught my eye, and I knew that she was my soulmate. We dated for six months and were very happy, until some of her friends lied to her and put a division between us. However, I know that she is my soulmate, and we will start over or continue to love each other soon.


Yeah, me too. We met on the web and from that very first email, with no pictures, nothing, i knew there was something. We met and fell in love. It did not last but there still remains a close, undeniable bond between us. not all that much in common but still the closest connection i and she have ever had.


I met a man years ago. When we made eye contact I felt like when you look into a mirror deep into your own eyes. It was so weird. Now ten years later our lives keep crossing one another.

I finally went to a psychic and she told that he is my soul mate but that our time has not yet come, at least not in this lifetime. I am wondering if anyone else has had the same experience that they would like to share?


So I know it might seem weird, but what if I am my dad's soulmate? Nothing romantic or anything, but he says that I am his second half.

I complete him, and I know that our relationship is different than my friends. I didn't meet him until I was a bit older, but he swears that i am the only reason he was put on this earth.

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