What Is a Solenoid Assembly?

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A solenoid assembly is generally understood to be all parts of a standard solenoid-driven device. The assembly description will typically be broken down into a list of component parts namely the solenoid proper, connectors and controllers, and external linkages. The solenoid itself generally consists of the coil with pre-connected leads, plunger, and plunger return spring. The wiring and controller section would include all assembly-specific external wiring such as extensions or auxiliary device leads and any control or auxiliary devices deemed to be integral parts of the unit. External linkages include all of those motion-transfer components that are not part of the actuated mechanism, but are required for the solenoid installation.

Solenoids are inherently simple devices, with a solenoid assembly usually consisting of only two or three sections. In some cases, the assembly components may be bought separately to reduce replacement costs or as a complete unit for new installations. In most cases, the assembly consists of the solenoid itself and all peripheral components essential to its operation, but not part of the device that the solenoid actuates. These peripheral components generally include extra wiring elements, fasteners, and linkages. The term may also include kits that feature separate coils for different voltages and alternate mounting hardware.


The solenoid proper part of a solenoid assembly consists of a coil, plunger, and plunger return spring. The solenoid coil will usually feature a mounting plate and a set of pre-connected power leads. Included in this section of the assembly are any standard fasteners that may be required for mounting the solenoid and electric connectors or couplers used to insert the coil wiring into a control circuit.

Any extra wiring for the solenoid assembly such as the leads for interlocks or limit sensors will be included in a wiring kit, which may also include any control devices required for the installation. External linkages also make up an important part of many solenoid assembly kits. These will typically include all links, pins, and locking clips required to transfer the solenoid output to the activated mechanism that are not integral parts of the activated mechanism. These linkage kits may also include extra parts designed to cover several models or design revisions of the activated mechanism. Although it is difficult to pin down an exact description for a solenoid assembly, it is safe to assume that the assembly would include all parts necessary to completely replace a defective or damaged solenoid without having to re-use any old parts.


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