What is a Solar Pool Pump?

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A solar pool pump converts sunlight into energy that is used to pump water. This type of pump may be used in swimming pools, ponds, fountains, and any body of water in which constant water agitation and filtration is desired. These pumps are available for purchase on the Internet or through swimming pool stores that carry specialty items.

Traditional pool pumps generally operate full-time during the summer to clean the water of contaminates. This high activity can create expensive electric bills during the warm months of the year when pools are frequently in use. A solar pool pump can reduce or eliminate these large electricity bills by drawing on solar energy to power this critical piece of machinery.

The up-front pricing on a solar pool pump is often three to five times the price of a traditional pump. These pumps require the use of a series of photovoltaic panels. These panels are adhered to any surface of the home, typically the roof, which receives constant sunlight. The panels then, through a network of cables, relay this energy back to the pool pump.

A solar pool pump may be used in any type of water setting. Different sizing is available to accommodate a variety of water volumes. These pumps may be placed in commercial swimming pools, which are often found in hotels and exercise centers, as well as in residential homes. Larger models may require the purchase and installation of additional photovoltaic panels.


Solar pool pumps tend to require less maintenance than traditional pumps. Each unit operates with frictionless technology that does not wear out as quickly as a conventional pool pump. Motor speeds may vary with the amount of available sunlight during the day, though the pump usually is capable of cleaning enough water throughout the course of a day to maintain pool hygiene. Some units are sold with optional power adapters which allow the pump to run during the night when the benefit of sunlight is not present.

Photovoltaic solar panels are generally sold separately from the pool pump unit. They may be purchased separately from a solar panel company or from a specialty pool company in conjunction with the pump. These panels are lightweight and durable but should be installed by professionals. Panel placement must be precise so that each unit receives the maximum amount of sunlight possible. Solar pool pumps also may be hooked directly into home power lines that are already utilizing solar power.


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