What is a Soft Hood Dryer?

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A soft hood dryer is a portable hair drying device with a soft plastic hood. This hood fits directly over the head and air is pumped through the hood to dry the hair. There is a long plastic tubing attached to the hood, which also attaches to the actual hair dryer. A soft hood dryer can either have a square hair drying device that sets stationary on a table top or the plastic tubing can be attached to a hand held hair dryer. Typically, this type of dryer is used for hair that is roller set.

The air temperature can be easily controlled using a soft hood dryer. There are usually three settings that produce different levels of heat. A cool setting is used for chemically processed or damaged hair. Medium heat is used for even drying and a hot setting is used for quicker hair drying. Using a soft hood dryer can do less damage than an average hand-held dryer because it evenly distributes the flow of air.

With hand-held dryers and hard bonnet hood dryers, it is impossible to relax while drying the hair. A soft hood dryer can be moved into any room and it is also possible to recline in a chair or on a couch, while using this type if dryer. The soft plastic that is used to make the hood is actually inflated with air and this also makes it extremely comfortable. It is also puncture- and tear-resistant.


A soft hood dryer can be used for other reasons besides drying the hair. Deep oil or conditioning treatments can be enhanced by the hot and even air flow of the dryer. Coloring treatments and highlighting procedures can take less time when heat is applied to the hair. Conditioners that are made to soothe and moisturize the scalp can be more effective when a soft hood dryer is used.

The plastic hood of this dryer may have to be repositioned during the drying process to avoid any hot spots. They typically only happen when using a high heat setting. If very large rollers are used to set the hair, the soft hood may not fit completely over the head. In this case, a large hard bonnet dryer should be used instead. This type of hair dryer is not intended for people who have longer hair because it can take a considerable amount of time to completely dry the hair and this can be damaging to the exposed roots.


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