What is a Soft Hammer?

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There are multiple types of hammers in use today. Each type is specifically designed for different applications of manufacturing and carpentry. A soft hammer is a special hammer that uses a soft compound for the hammer head area. This head is typically made from plastic or rubber and is designed to hit soft material without leaving any marks or dents.

A rubber mallet is an example of a soft hammer. The hammer head area is made of a soft rubber material and includes dual head areas. This type of hammer is typically used for sheet metal and aluminum fabrication manufacturing. It is also used for installing hub caps on automobiles. This hammer is also often used in jewelry design and rock geology.

Some of the first hammers every created were made from rock or stone. These hammers were connected to sticks and typically were used to crush food and make shelter. Soft hammers were introduced as a tool to provide gentle impact without breaking.

A soft sledge hammer is another example of a soft hammer tool. This type of hammer is typically used as a heavy hammer, but it reduces the chance of scratches and dents on metal objects. A soft sledge hammer can hit metal objects without causing dangerous sparks.


Most toy tool boxes include a plastic imitation soft hammer. This is often the first hammer a child experiences. A toy hammer is typically made from soft plastic material that is non-toxic and safe for children to chew. This is an excellent tool to teach a child basic eye-hand coordination.

A plastic hammer is another example of a soft hammer. This type of hammer is used in the fabrication of jewelry or fine stones. Most plastic hammers have a wooden handle and are extremely lightweight. This provides enough leverage to chip away at fine stones without crushing the gems.

A reflex hammer is an example of a soft rubber mallet hammer designed to test reflexes of humans. This hammer area is shaped like an arrow head. It is typically used by doctors as a device to test motor reflexes of joints and muscles within the human body.

Most archeological expeditions use soft hammers as tools to excavate ancient historical sites. These hammers are typically made from soft plastic material. They are designed to remove dirt and debris from rock formation without breaking the underlying foundation.


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