What is a Social Coordinator?

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A social coordinator is someone who coordinates social events. There are a number of environments in which this type of professional can work, ranging from a long term residential care facility for psychiatric patients to a college campus. Social coordinators may have college degrees which have prepared them for their work, or they may have learned on the job. They tend to have excellent people skills, boundless enthusiasm, and a keen eye for details and organization, as organizing social events is a great deal of work.

Many residential facilities hire social coordinators to make life more enjoyable for their residents. They organize activities appropriate for the residents, and try to maintain an active schedule so that there is always something for residents to do. For example, he or she might organize events like game nights, field trips to area sites of interest, dances, and so forth. Especially in medical facilities, getting active and interacting with other community members can be highly beneficial for residents who may be suffering from isolation and depression.


Social coordinators can also work for hotels, cruise ships, and similar travel venues. In these cases, the coordinator organizes activities to entertain guests, ensuring that they have a more pleasant stay and that they are inclined to visit again in the future. Working in this capacity, he or she can organize a wide range of events which may include activities which are designed as icebreakers, to get guests interacting with each other, or as educational opportunities which allow people to learn about the area where they are staying.

Entertainment venues may retain a social coordinator to facilitate events held at the venue. When people approach the venue with a request to rent the space, the coordinator can schedule the event and help organize it. He or she may be familiar with local companies which work with the venue, and can provide suggestions for catering, lighting, music, and so forth. The coordinator also ensures that people renting the venue are familiar with the rules.

Organizations such as churches may also use a social coordinator to organize events. He or she organizes events which may be of interest to members of the organization, such as picnics, lectures, and so forth. For small organizations, the coordinator may be a volunteer who simply wants to be active in the group, while big organizations usually hire a trained professional who may be supported with a staff to help the work run more smoothly.


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