What Is a Soccer Fundraiser?

Malcolm Tatum

A soccer fundraiser is an event in which deliberate strategies are implemented to generate funds that can be used to cover the costs of the operation of a soccer team or possibly some larger event that involves a competition between several different teams. Utilizing a fundraiser to generate funds for a team is not unusual, even if the program already has sponsors. A soccer fundraiser most often takes place in support of a team associated with a school, college or other type of learning institution, but can also be held for the benefit of a municipally sponsored soccer team or even a professional team.

Children's soccer teams frequently hold fundraisers.
Children's soccer teams frequently hold fundraisers.

There are a number of different types of soccer fundraiser options that may be employed, depending on the scope of the fundraising effort. For locally based teams, the strategy of raising money by sponsoring some type of meal is often employed. With this arrangement, the team and its supporters may sell meal tickets that allow entrance into a one-time dinner or luncheon that is prepared by the supporters or possibly even catered by a local restaurant. Typically, any expenses associated with the dinner are deducted from the funds raised, with the remainder going to support the soccer team in ways such as buying new equipment or defraying the costs of traveling from one game site to the next.

A soccer player kicking the ball.
A soccer player kicking the ball.

Another popular soccer fundraiser idea has to do with scheduling an event at the team’s home field. For example, a small carnival or fair may be held at the site, with the proceeds from booth rental space and concessions going to support the team. Events of this type may even include a dunk booth, allowing attendees the chance to throw baseballs at a lever in hopes of dropping their favorite player into a vat of water. The fundraiser can also include contests that people enter for a small fee, with the cost of the prize also covered by those fees. As with other fundraising ideas, the proceeds from the event are used to cover any expenses, with the remainder used for the support of the soccer team.

Branded merchandise offered for sale is another option as a soccer fundraiser strategy. With this idea, items such as jerseys, t-shirts, armbands and even items like notepads, mouse pads and pencils may be branded with the team’s name and logo. The items can be sold via a web site, creating an ongoing source of support for the team, or sold as part of a short-term fundraiser by going door to door or advertising in local publications. In some cases, local printing companies will provide the embossing and screening necessary to create the desired items at a discount or even donate them to the cause, which in turn helps to increase the profits earned from this type of soccer fundraiser.

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