What is a Sober up Pill?

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For the drinker, it seems like a dream come true. Imagine the scene. You are on a night out, the celebrations are in full swing, when suddenly you remember. It’s three in the morning and you have work tomorrow. A hangover in the morning is never a good thing, but with the sober up pill, this is no longer a worry. Simply a pop a couple of pills and, hey presto, no more hangover.

So how do these sober up pills actually work? There are numerous Internet websites advertising the sober up pill under different names and with different ingredients. Some claim to promote a healthy hangover. All lay claim to being 100% safe.

One sober up pill claims to help the liver break down impurities and aid in the filtration of toxins. The advertisement for this pill claims that vitamins and minerals lost due to drinking can be replenished. Free radicals will be eliminated before they have a chance to do any harm to the body. These pills claim to rid the body not only of the damage done by alcohol, but also of toxins caused by cigarette smoke and environmental toxins.


The pills can be used to kill a hangover before it takes hold or to relieve the symptoms of one in the morning. If you have a hangover, simply pop a sober up pill and feel the hangover disappear within 30 minutes. These pills do not claim to be able to stop you from getting drunk. They do claim, however, that you can continue drinking for longer without the fear of a hangover the next day.

Drink safety awareness campaigners have criticized the advertising used for sober up pills. They say that giving someone free rein to drink as long as they want will harm the body more, no matter how many of these pills you take. The liver is designed to flush away toxins naturally and should not be forced or aided in any way. Water is all that is required to help the liver do its job.

Medical research has been undertaken on drugs such as RO15-4513 and its effects on alcohol and the brain’s system. The drug is said to bind or stop receptors on the brains neurons. This effectively stops drunken symptoms such as memory loss and drowsiness. It is also said to stop impaired motor coordination, such as imbalance and the disorientation caused by alcohol.

These drugs are hoped to aid the beneficial effects that alcohol can have on the body, including mood enhancement and improved quality of sleep. When controlled, alcohol is also thought to have beneficial effects on the heart and brain.

As yet, there is no proof that sober up pills offer anything more than a placebo effect on the body. You may get exactly the same results by taking a vitamin pill as you would from a sober up pill. If you are considering taking any pills, make sure to consult a doctor first.


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I have been working with a biochemist for the last six months who has produced a powder that we have tried on about 50 friends and family so far that has about a 100 percent success rate of reducing the blood alcohol level two to four times faster than normal and eliminating the hangover. We have had people take one drink every 15 minutes for 90-120 minutes, then wait a half hour and do a breath test and most are at about .1 percent blood alcohol. Then they take the powder and within 45 minutes, the blood alcohol drops to .03-.04 percent and continues to drop much faster than normal.

The patent is being filed next week and hopefully, initial

tablets will be available within 30 days. It is s combination of 12-14 natural ingredients designed to counteract the things that happen to your body when you consume alcohol. We tried it as a drink and it does not work. It works best by far if the person waits 30 minutes after their last drink and then just takes it with some water. It is amazing.
Post 2

The only real way to prevent hangovers is sober living. It may sound lame or prudish, but it is true. Many people get some hangover symptoms from even small amounts of alcohol, and there is no real guideline of when you will get drunk enough to get a hangover or how long it will last.

Post 1

There is no proof that anything which claims to tell you how to sober up faster will help. When people drink, the problems of a hangover are not entirely within the liver; often, an excess of alcohol takes its toll on the rest of your body as well. For example, the headaches many people suffer from hangovers are actually the result of brain shrinkage due to dehydration.

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