What is a Snow Removal Contract?

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A snow removal contract is an agreement between two individuals or corporations specifying the terms of snow removal from a property. An individual might set up a snow removal contract with another individual person, or with a company to come and plow the driveway and shovel the sidewalks, for example. Corporations might set up similar contracts with other companies to ensure that parking lots and sidewalks are cleared of ice and snow by a specific time of day. A written agreement helps to ensure both parties know what they are signing up for, and helps to hold the snow removal company to the terms of the contract.

There are a number of different pieces of information that should be included in a snow removal contract. The first is the address of the property, as well as the names, address, and phone number of the snow removal company. The length of the contract should be specified; for example, it might just be valid for a certain season and therefore a few months, or it might be put in place for a few years. Pricing and payment methods are also very important aspects of a snow removal contract.


The fee schedule for different types of work is one of the most important elements of a snow removal contract, as is how each instance of service will be billed. Some snow removal companies will want to be paid at the time of service, while others will send monthly bills; this can be especially important in areas where snowfall is sporadic, and the service may not be needed every day. Generally, larger corporations will be more comfortable with extended billing periods than individuals who are doing snow removal to make some extra cash. If the snow removal company or individual is not paid in a timely fashion, it is likely that he or she will simply stop coming, and a snow removal contract can specify that.

Another important consideration for a snow removal contract is time of day that the snow removal will take place. Some people might want to ensure that their sidewalks are cleared or their driveway is shoveled by a certain time of day, while others may not care. Businesses may be more strict about this, because if sidewalks or parking lots aren't cleared by opening time, they might lose business. Improperly maintained sidewalks could also present a hazard; for instance, if a customer or an employee slips and falls on ice, that could lead to a costly lawsuit. A simple written agreement can help to avoid some of these unpleasant legal situations, and can help to ensure that the snow is taken care of properly and in a timely fashion.


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