What is a Snorkel&Reg; Stove?

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A Snorkel® stove is a wood burning stove which is designed to be immersed entirely in water. The stove is designed for use in hot tubs, to heat water efficiently without the use of gas or electricity. The Snorkel® stove is manufactured by the Snorkel Stove Company, which also manufactures hot tubs and more conventional hot tub heaters. There are a number of reasons why one might choose a Snorkel® stove over a conventional hot tub heating device.

The stove is designed to work specifically with all wooden hot tubs, especially those manufactured by the Snorkel Stove Company. Many people enjoy tubbing in wooden hot tubs, since they feel more natural and they have a “classic” look. When the Snorkel® stove is installed, a gate is included to reduce the risk of body to stove contact. A smaller version, the Scuba®, is designed for smaller hot tubs, and it heats slightly less efficiently.

The idea of keeping a hot stove underwater might seem a little odd, but it actually works very well. Both the air intake and the stove access door on the Snorkel® stove are located above the waterline, and the seams of the stove are tightly welded to prevent leaking. Tubes for increased heat exchange are run through the Snorkel® stove, which also heats the water very rapidly, since the water is in contact with all of the sides of the stove.


Unlike electric and gas hot tub heating equipment, a Snorkel® does not have built in scald protection. For people who like their tubs extremely hot, this is viewed as a benefit. Others find controlling the heat level too challenging, since it requires manipulating the amount of fuel in the stove and the rate at which it burns. A Snorkel® also does not cost money to run, although the user will need to supply wood. In addition, it is much more quiet than many other heating systems, which can make a hot tub more enjoyable.

The barrel stoves in which a Snorkel® is typically installed can be outfitted with jets, if desired, or left plain and used as soak tubs rather than Jacuzzis. A variety of purification systems can be used, depending on personal taste. Many users pump water through a filter while the tub is not in use to keep the water clean, while others use additives. It is possible to keep the tub healthy and pleasant to be in without the use of additives, for people who would prefer a more natural tubbing experience.

One of the best places to obtain a Snorkel® is the manufacturer. The company sells stoves and hot tubs in a variety of combinations for people with different needs. Expect to pay a high shipping cost on a Snorkel® stove, but once the stove and tub arrive, you can assemble them yourself.


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