What is a Snoring Pillow?

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Snoring or snore pillows are specially designed bed pillows that are effective in preventing snoring. While different designs rely on slightly different factors to help minimize and eventually eliminate snoring, most seek to prevent the neck and jaw from settling into a position where a partial constriction of air flow into the lungs takes place. Correcting the position of the head and neck ensures that breathing is unobstructed and thus snoring does not occur.

While a basic snoring pillow looks somewhat like any common bed pillow, there are often a few basic differences in design. Some of the pillows are shaped differently from the traditional rectangular bed pillow. Snoring solutions of this kind may be round, square, or possess a shape that is somewhat like the letter ā€œLā€. While the shape may be different, all of these pillows are designed to keep the neck and head in alignment and promote a restful sleep.

The contouring of the surface of a snoring pillow often includes a recessed area that helps to hold the head and neck in place during sleep. This particular design is ideal when the individual prefers to sleep on his or her back. A contoured snoring pillow often provides some support for the upper back, which helps to keep the neck properly aligned. As an additional benefit, people who suffer from mild cases of acid reflux may also sleep better by using a contoured snore pillow.


A snoring pillow is sometimes used in conjunction with other sleep aids, such as medication or therapy. This is particularly true when sleep problems such as severe anxiety, sleep apnea, or other complicated sleeping problems are present. Where one approach does not produce results, this combination of strategies is often enough to provide a restful nights sleep while still allowing the individual to stop snoring.

Obtaining snoring relief is not only good for the individual, but also for others in the home. Couples will enjoy a more restful sleep if there is no snoring at night. This can mean less strain between couples during the waking hours, as well as allowing both parties to enjoy a full night of recuperative sleep.

Purchasing a snoring pillow is easy. Many medical supply stores carry at least a couple of different designs. In addition, it is not unusual for drugstores to sell at least one brand or model. If the right snoring pillow is not available locally, it is possible to order most brands and models at online stores.


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