What is a Snoring Mouthpiece?

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A snoring mouthpiece is an anti-snoring aid which is worn in the mouth in an attempt to provide some snoring relief. It is one of a number of different snoring solutions that are thought to work by improving air passage through the airway. If the snoring mouthpiece is successful in opening up the airway, the vibrations in throat tissue should be reduced, thus helping reduce the amount of snoring and the noise associated with it.

A snoring mouthpiece works by bringing your lower jaw forward or by lifting the soft palate. In some cases, both may be done. Also, a snoring mouthpiece may have the added benefit of keeping the tongue from falling to the back part of the mouth, another situation commonly associated with snoring.

The snoring mouthpiece can not only be used for those who wish to stop snoring, but it can also help with other sleep problems, such as sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when there is a blockage of air that causes a person to stop breathing or significantly reduces the amount of oxygen a person takes in for more than 10 seconds. Sleep apnea can lead to interrupted sleep, or more serious conditions such as an increased risk for heart attack and strokes. A snoring mouthpiece can help prevent this from happening.


The simplest way is to purchase a snoring mouthpiece through a retailer, or perhaps over the internet. These mouthpieces may be easier and cheaper to purchase, but may not have the same effectiveness for those who snore excessively. In some cases, the mouthpiece may come with the ability to be molded in order that a more custom fit is provided.

The other way to purchase a snoring mouthpiece is to see a dentist or other healthcare professional. These medical professionals will be able to provide the best custom fit available. Further, they will be able to make sure your jaw is in the right position and may be able to determine, before the mouthpiece is purchased, if the device will even help your particular situation.

While many may tend to shy away from snoring mouthpieces because they are sensitive to the way it may look to their partners, aesthetics should not be a reason for not trying one. In fact, the partner of a person with a snoring problem may be the one who is most thankful for the problem being addressed. While it may take a little time to get used to the way it looks and feels, it may be one of the most important investments a person can make.


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I sent in my 'snoring story' and received a free Snoremate mouthpiece and I just cannot believe how it instantly stopped my snoring. This is such a great product, it has changed my life! I am so grateful and so happy!

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